Bengals Ja'Marr Chase Says NFL Ball Is Hard To Catch, Having Issues Seeing | Pat McAfee Reacts

Published on Sep 9, 2021
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It seems to be a real issue in Cincinnati that Ja'marr Chase seems to not have a nack for the NFL ball.

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The Pat McAfee Show
  • R Rogers

    R Rogers

    3 days ago


  • StockDeep


    3 days ago

    We’ve seen a few easy drops already this year. Is something going on here?

  • BGill 40

    BGill 40

    3 days ago

    You were so hyped to get the Bengals kicker on your show after we won, you better apologize to Chase for bashing him!!

  • Jarrett Flythe

    Jarrett Flythe

    4 days ago

    This aged nicely lol

  • Chef Danger

    Chef Danger

    4 days ago

    This video sure didn't age well.

  • Jeremiah Bowman

    Jeremiah Bowman

    4 days ago

    I guess we cleared this issue on Sunday. WHO DEY!!!!!

  • Andrew Danko

    Andrew Danko

    4 days ago

    Well seems like he’s fine he did great his first game

  • CJ Ober

    CJ Ober

    4 days ago

    Post week 1. All bengals fans just waiting around to hear people apologize for grief the bengals got for drafting chase

  • 86250r


    4 days ago

    This didnt age well

  • Aob


    5 days ago

    He's been stressing because his baby momma has be harassing him about exposing him about him beating on her and telling her to get an abortion

  • Rackz


    5 days ago

    Looks good to me now

  • Eli Lucas

    Eli Lucas

    5 days ago

    i would say he was fine lol

  • Nathan Guilbert

    Nathan Guilbert

    5 days ago

    Hollywood brown was having the same issues he will be fine

  • Nick S

    Nick S

    5 days ago

    This didn’t age well.

  • ludgate


    5 days ago

    funny how poorly this aged

  • dipset22554


    5 days ago

    I want this dude back on

  • Jacob Russell

    Jacob Russell

    5 days ago

    This aged well

  • Daniel Cordero

    Daniel Cordero

    5 days ago

    Here for the comments now cause it seemed like Jamar knew how to catch the ball yesterday! Who Dey!!

  • robbiesilverwolf


    5 days ago

    A touchdown and 100 yards later stfu

  • Dank Gaming

    Dank Gaming

    5 days ago

    I wonder if he's still having trouble lmaooooo Geaux Tigers!! Geaux Bengals!!

  • Cameron Sprouse

    Cameron Sprouse

    5 days ago

    Andddddd now y’all are shown why the media isn’t the ones you should listen to. Chase had a great game from an eagles fan.
    So did slim reaper 👀

  • Caleb O'Connors

    Caleb O'Connors

    5 days ago

    This aged well cause the kid was balling

  • Roy Coffey

    Roy Coffey

    5 days ago

    Jamar chase will be fine! I said that 2 weeks ago and yesterday proved me right 5/101/1

  • Ethan Stout

    Ethan Stout

    6 days ago

    This didn’t age well

  • 🇺🇸


    6 days ago

    This did not age well 😂

  • Joshlll Moreland

    Joshlll Moreland

    6 days ago

    Pat... Chase.. Must talk

  • Richard Partin

    Richard Partin

    6 days ago

    I just came to say...... 5 catches for 101 yards and a TD in his rookie debut. Chase is a stud.

  • Franky Partida

    Franky Partida

    6 days ago

    Who’s back here after week 1 😂

  • Creamball12


    6 days ago

    This aged well

  • Joe Begley

    Joe Begley

    6 days ago

    Well, now that opening day has come and gone. I can tell you he had no trouble seeing the ball.

  • hotguy


    6 days ago

    100yds and a TD on his opener, hate more news nerds

  • Anthony Sasso

    Anthony Sasso

    6 days ago

    100 yards later….

  • Sean Schnautz

    Sean Schnautz

    6 days ago

    Jamar really was struggling against the Vikings today, total bust

  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith

    6 days ago

    After today's game I would say he's going to be just fine lol

  • A K

    A K

    6 days ago

    Game day… and he seems to have figured it out 😂

  • Hillbilly Exorcist

    Hillbilly Exorcist

    6 days ago

    Guess it's time for an update 1000% season opener for Chase

  • Gamer Tag

    Gamer Tag

    6 days ago

    Definitely proved that wrong today

  • FvckinDeadNW


    6 days ago

    So about the NFL ball being “harder to catch”………

  • Noah Adams

    Noah Adams

    6 days ago

    😅😅 looked good today

  • Tom Ignacios

    Tom Ignacios

    6 days ago

    Well….. this didn’t age well.

  • ThePerilousWeavile


    6 days ago

    Smoking that PAT PACK tonight 💨🚬 WHODEY

  • Caleb Brooks

    Caleb Brooks

    6 days ago


  • Caleb Brooks

    Caleb Brooks

    6 days ago


  • Nate Wickemeier

    Nate Wickemeier

    6 days ago

    This aged well 💀

  • Cameron Stadler

    Cameron Stadler

    6 days ago

    This didn't age well

  • James Coursol

    James Coursol

    6 days ago

    Well this aged badly…

    • gamer boy

      gamer boy

      6 days ago


  • Smooth Collectibles

    Smooth Collectibles

    6 days ago

    This didn’t last long🤣 5 catches for 101 and a TD for his first NFL game

  • TLDelapore


    6 days ago

    101 yards and a tuddy week 1.

  • Samsung Jay2

    Samsung Jay2

    6 days ago

    Well that was all cap

  • Lil Welfare check

    Lil Welfare check

    6 days ago

    He didn’t have any problems catching today

  • King Ale

    King Ale

    6 days ago

    But we just won though and jamarr Chase scored a touchdown

  • Sky Movy

    Sky Movy

    6 days ago

    A lot of nfl players struggle with this to they just don’t say none he’ll be aight tho

  • Colin Barkett

    Colin Barkett

    6 days ago

    Anybody watching the bengals and laughing at pat right now lol.

  • Mr Green19

    Mr Green19

    6 days ago

    Oh god stfu and catch the ball 😂🤣😂

  • Danehh


    6 days ago

    Same for Lamar. He said his first year he wasnt used to the ball

  • EJ Klee

    EJ Klee

    6 days ago

    What a media spin. He was asked WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE BALLS

  • Falling Sloth

    Falling Sloth

    6 days ago

    I watched all of Chase's drops. The problem is just game speed and Chase will get over it. When you watch, all the issues are things like anticipating getting hit or turning up field before securing the ball. These are all things that rookies do when the pro game is still feeling a bit too fast and they are trying to overcompensate. This can happen with any rookie, but especially one that has been off a year after a season when DB's were never anywhere near him.
    Give Chase a couple weeks to get used to game speed and I'm sure he will do better about completing the catch before worrying about what comes next. If there is still a problem in the second half of this season, okay, yeah, there is a problem. But for now, let's give the rookie time to adjust before we pile on.

    • Falling Sloth

      Falling Sloth

      6 days ago

      Chase is currently 3/3 and has 80 yards and a TD in a single half. Feel like this comment has held up better than this video hahaha

  • Alex Oynick

    Alex Oynick

    6 days ago

    And to think the Bengals don’t have an indoor practice facility… has to make it harder.

  • Matt Carey

    Matt Carey

    6 days ago

    A WR that can't catch its as useful as 3rd nut.

  • lang carter

    lang carter

    6 days ago

    Pat McAfee looks like he’s on drugs. Dude gets skinnier and skinnier every cast

  • jey bee

    jey bee

    6 days ago

    jesus pat you gotta do more research before you say stuff like this. dont spread misinformation bro

  • Cory Cybulski

    Cory Cybulski

    6 days ago

    Aj consistently gets better each time he hosts the show in the studio. I've been a fan of this show for a year or two now and he talks a lot more now and with more detail. Pretty cool 😎

  • Pizzaro Pizzaro

    Pizzaro Pizzaro

    7 days ago

    Bengals still don’t have an indoor practice facility

  • Mark D. Ehlke

    Mark D. Ehlke

    7 days ago

    Both balls are stupid. You can’t even roll them like you can with basketballs and other round balls.

  • Anthony Pena

    Anthony Pena

    7 days ago

    He has the skillset and he'll get better over time, it's jus muscle memory and keeping his confidence, he cnt allow his confidence to drop, but I think he'll be fine! Once he gets into the feel of the game ON THE FIELD, it'll kick in and his raw talent will show, especially when he has a QB tht he played with and won a National Championship with at LSU, and JaMarr didn't play all year last year so he hasn't played since LSU won the National Championship with Joe Burrow, but I think Burrow being there will make him more comfortable and Burrow won't ever make him feel like he's not the highly talented and super high potential to be a STAR WR in this league, so it's good he's got his guy there with him at QB so tht really helps Chase out as well

  • burdawg3000


    7 days ago

    He might not be good, could not care less. But they literally asked if what the difference was between the balls and he answered it.

  • J R

    J R

    7 days ago

    Who is the tool in the Patriots jersey?

  • Chris cavanaugh

    Chris cavanaugh

    7 days ago

    Todd Marinovich came out back in the day saying he couldn't throw the NFL ball.

  • Rob Gregory

    Rob Gregory

    7 days ago

    The college ball is a bit fatter, but these guys have huge hands and tacky gloves, shouldn’t really matter

  • MeLli Davis

    MeLli Davis

    7 days ago

    I love his honest. Reporters and media want the truth and when they get it they blow it out of proportion. Just like when fields said after the dolphins game that it seemed kinda slow for him. He was specifically speaking on that game not the whole nfl in general.

  • Majin Stohq

    Majin Stohq

    7 days ago

    “Oh he’s in shorts” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CareyBolam


    7 days ago

    Jerry Rice had a bad case of the drops in his rookie year and he turned out pretty good

  • Jordan Tom

    Jordan Tom

    7 days ago

    With gloves excuse

  • Tim Caldwell

    Tim Caldwell

    7 days ago

    Yeah, gotta agree. They gotta frickin walk like they marching to longworth hall down the road to practice. (Practice field is literally a stones throw away from that place.) You could chuck a beer bottle off of I-75 and damn near hit the practice field.

  • Tommy E

    Tommy E

    7 days ago

    Let a little air out of them

  • Tim Caldwell

    Tim Caldwell

    7 days ago

    Jefferson had issues at the start of his rookie year and turned into a monster later on. I am not worried, Burrow is working with him to get it down. Chase needs real true game time to adjust. He will be fine.

  • Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu


    7 days ago

    sounds like something taken out of context or pruned from another question.

  • Yoni Schecter

    Yoni Schecter

    7 days ago

    Guy is just ass tbh. I believe the proper saying is "get good kid"

  • S Genetti

    S Genetti

    7 days ago

    CeDee Lamb had the dropsies in his rookie season (what, nine?) and now everyone can't stop fawning over him, and yet we want to crucify a guy that hasn't even had a chance to play in a real goddamn game yet. Good job, Bengals fans.

  • Jake L.

    Jake L.

    7 days ago

    It’s nothing. But chase is kinda dumb he should know this would happen and people would take this and run with it

  • Saintbow


    7 days ago

    For how much he is being paid, he should be able to catch it in the dark...blindfolded...with all his fingers broken...



    7 days ago

    Ceedee lamb dropped some passes too. This is definitely a thing

  • Double Jizzle

    Double Jizzle

    7 days ago

    He should get lessons from Troy williamson

  • Neil Smith

    Neil Smith

    7 days ago

    Browns Drafted Corey Coleman 15th in 2016 he was awesome in College absolutely sucked in nfl couldn't catch anything

  • Yo Cool

    Yo Cool

    7 days ago

    The Bengals have been struggling since football has existed ;)

  • Cody LeBleu

    Cody LeBleu

    7 days ago

    Well that’s what happens when you quit on your team

  • JPK


    7 days ago

    Pat you got to have to stop interrupting your guests

  • Adam Whitehead

    Adam Whitehead

    7 days ago

    Have yall worn those receiver gloves? Hard to not catch balls with those.

  • Joshua Grieco

    Joshua Grieco

    7 days ago

    You’re telling me this man took a year off to prepare for the NFL and didn’t use an NFL ball💀

  • Thomas Burt

    Thomas Burt

    7 days ago

    I say make him a kick and punt returner first game.

  • ph 88

    ph 88

    7 days ago

    More blowing stuff out of proportion from Pat "hype machine" McAfee

  • Maria Breteau

    Maria Breteau

    7 days ago

    Mental!!! If you can catch you can catch

  • Corey Gilmore

    Corey Gilmore

    7 days ago

    Wow I love the other folks. Will just say anything.

  • Curqo


    7 days ago

    In my opinion, if both Sewell and Chase turn out to be busts or successes several years from now, I believe the better choice was still protecting your franchise QB who just got injured the year before. I'm sorry, but as someone who watched both Chase and Burrow in college a lot, and really liked both of them coming into the draft, Burrow suffered a horrible knee injury in his rookie season. The right move was securing a lineman in the draft, not beefing up one of the more, already solid receiving cores in the league.

  • Matt Edwards

    Matt Edwards

    7 days ago

    Pat big hands catch smaller balls more easily than bigger ones bub just throwing that out there

  • Kolton Mitchell

    Kolton Mitchell

    8 days ago

    gET THat man some stick um and get him to catch toilet paper rolls for practice

  • John Oehling

    John Oehling

    8 days ago

    Why wasn’t Chase practicing with NFL balls the past year while he wasn’t playing? He actually could have had an advantage taking a year off in that sense

  • Tiyale Whitehurst

    Tiyale Whitehurst

    8 days ago

    This screams of a bust or a least a long first season also remember it is Cincinnati who's had a history of epic draft fails

    • J Wash

      J Wash

      8 days ago

      Well it’s a good thing those articles or false and inaccurate

  • kevin


    8 days ago

    this is lies, dude addressed what he meant. also the reporting twisted his words.

  • Gonzo


    8 days ago

    I still believe the gloves they wear should ve illegal. Its like having velcro on your hands. I want to see who really has hands. Rainy games would shutdown the passing game. It would be awesome.