Cam Newton Has Broke His Silence, Talks Being Cut By Patriots | Pat McAfee Reacts

Published on Sep 10, 2021
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Check out @Cam Newton 's video talking all about his release from the Patriots.

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.

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  • Gabriel Herrera

    Gabriel Herrera

    18 hours ago

    Patriots offense is so complicated they average like 17 points a game lol

  • Morckthedooorknob


    Day ago

    It is hard to move a 4 star general to corporal but cam hasn't been that 4 star general in like 5 years

  • tommy von schultze

    tommy von schultze

    2 days ago

    So glad pats cut him....he was a stupid pickup ..he hasn't been relevant in years ...

  • Jeff


    2 days ago

    Cam just shot himself in the foot by doing that stupid sit down. What GM will take Cam seriously when he's wearing that stupid hat and saying he's got more football left in him. Even i was laughing at him and i'm a big Cam fan. His NFL career is over.

  • craig wooden

    craig wooden

    3 days ago

    Why does Cam do a press conference about being cut? I dont remember other people doing the same. He is a drama queen.

  • J


    4 days ago

    So... Washington?

  • Adam Davis

    Adam Davis

    4 days ago

    Rivera wants nothing to do with Cam.

  • Jonah Hamm

    Jonah Hamm

    5 days ago

    2:20 the guy behind him after he says sex

  • WATCHMAN 117

    WATCHMAN 117

    5 days ago

    When you're wearing a hat and your damn hair is sticking thru the top of it, maybe you aren't cut out to be the leader of a football team.

  • Coach


    5 days ago

    Why do broadcasters, who want to be taken professionally, have to resort to using GD's in their commentary?

  • Kelly Pitts

    Kelly Pitts

    5 days ago

    I’m pretty sure if cam wasn’t so outlandish he’d be the qb right now

  • William Laster

    William Laster

    5 days ago

    This is not the first time cam has been cut, and his salary MAY be the final part.....more than one reason. Why did carolina cut him? Aaron Rodgers got pissed about GB drafting A qb.....this is not the first time A qb has been cut to clear the teams leadership role. Montana had Young, Favre had rodgers......Cam did not win a superbowl, and does not have the same clout.

  • Larz


    6 days ago

    Every back-up QB in the NFL is on edge right Now 🤣

  • Michael S. Burton III

    Michael S. Burton III

    6 days ago

    The Ravens seem to make so much sense especially losing those RBs who cares if they know you use him for run plays it’ll be strength on strength

  • Gregory Vundal

    Gregory Vundal

    6 days ago

    Cams a cry baby, I’m sure he will be a good little league coach

  • Recon2g


    6 days ago

    I'd look for Cam in Houston.

  • Cody Nippoldt

    Cody Nippoldt

    6 days ago

    Washington? With fitz possibility being injured.

  • RYG


    6 days ago

    You can’t teach intelligence. As I said after his first or second lose last year. Good riddance. He’s but trouble and underwhelming for elite and top teams.

  • M M

    M M

    6 days ago

    So many beta males commenting on another man's outfit & hair.....weird

  • Adventures with Wednesday

    Adventures with Wednesday

    6 days ago

    Come on guys. Brett favre wasn't identifying anyone at the line. That old boy just dropped back to pass and slinged it into any window he wanted.

  • Goose


    6 days ago

    Lmao wtf is a mike?

  • Michael D

    Michael D

    6 days ago

    NE spent a 1st round pick to stop having press conferences explaining their mediocrity in those clown ass hats. Every video release of Cam ensures them that they've made the right decision.

  • Walter Brown

    Walter Brown

    6 days ago

    They 100% let him go because of these outfits🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Joshua Garcia

    Joshua Garcia

    6 days ago

    The best players know they can be better and the ones that think there the best are usually behind.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Shadow Wolf

    6 days ago

    i saw this coming years isnt the right QB the pats need.....enjoy the super bowl trophies because no one is going to fill the shoes Brady left behind

  • Anthony Zapata

    Anthony Zapata

    6 days ago

    Has a 1,000 dollar hat on and can’t just put a hat on he has to cut a hole in a 1,000 dollar hat…man I wish I could live care free like that
    Football related he’s not good anymore is only a backup at best and definitely ISNT getting a team to the chip

  • YouRebelScum


    6 days ago

    Thanks for the reminder, Cam

    I almost forgot to get new pruning shears

  • GRIFFIN2082


    6 days ago

    ...also every time you say "It's okay, sure go ahead" how many times did you mean it and how many times were you like "If this m*f-er..." ? I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

  • Snow Man

    Snow Man

    6 days ago

    Cam hasn't been the same after he got his ass kicked in the Superbowl.

  • bee lee

    bee lee

    6 days ago

    Simple Cam got cut because he was unvaccinated player that’s how Bill A Cheat treat his players like a duck 🦆

  • bee lee

    bee lee

    6 days ago

    Bill A Cheat

  • HotakXvi


    6 days ago

    Cam is a clown and a super sore loser his whole career.

  • mary atkinson

    mary atkinson

    6 days ago

    People acting like this is the first time Belichick has treated players unfairly when they no longer are any use to the team😂Hell he tried to trade Gronk & he ran Tom out of Foxboro too!! Black or white no matters either. Bill only sees wins and not skin color😂

  • alex J

    alex J

    6 days ago


  • Hoof Hearted

    Hoof Hearted

    6 days ago

    Why Cam have a handful of turds protruding through his hat?

  • Bigjshifty08


    6 days ago

    of course the guy who wears the cowboys hat is a steeler fan...unless did he lose a bet? lolz

  • Saiyan Richard

    Saiyan Richard

    6 days ago


  • Mike Owusu

    Mike Owusu

    7 days ago

    You guys gained my respect by putting light on this and bring more factual then opinionated about the whole situation. Rather then just saying “Mac just won the job and he completely destroyed Cam..” . There was a lot more to the story an im happy to hear

  • B Reel

    B Reel

    7 days ago

    For some reason in my Madden season the 49ers picked up Cam, finished 13-4 and went to the playoffs. Cam was wearing the #12

  • Frank Things

    Frank Things

    7 days ago

    i just can't believe that Andy Freaking Dalton is the only remaining QB from the 2011 class still in the NFL

    • desmund lighten

      desmund lighten

      6 days ago

      Is Andy better than cam ?

  • Paul Miller

    Paul Miller

    7 days ago

    Why am I the only person that can see that cam Newton has a hole in his hat 🎩 and a tree growing out of it?

  • Jose Barbosa

    Jose Barbosa

    7 days ago

    As a patriot fan, god bless this guy and I hope he end up in a better position even tho ain’t no better then Patriots and he knows that

  • Conor Totzke

    Conor Totzke

    7 days ago

    Cam would be a good backup for Herbert. I don't think chargers really have a back up . Stick their backup?

  • Brooks Neal

    Brooks Neal

    7 days ago

    Cam is so easy to dislike. I'm sure if he feels like he needs more money he can just get his dad to have someone write him another check like he did at Auburn.

  • Two Feet In Two

    Two Feet In Two

    7 days ago

    He’s overrated from 2016 - 2020, His playoff statistics are also less than impressive, passing for 1,821 yards with 10 TDs to 7 INTs, ultimately gaining a 3-4 record in postseason competition.
    All “great” QBs should have a fair amount of playoff success, especially a team like Newton’s that has been surrounded by great defensive talent and above-average offensive weapons.
    Cam Newton is talented, but he also deserves a fair amount of the criticism that he receives from the media. He has issues, talks a lot of weird BS, he needs stfu 🤫

  • DingoAteMyBaby


    7 days ago

    Cam will only get a shot this year if someone starter goes down

  • random123


    7 days ago

    who cares why he was cut? Dude is straight clown. Garbage QB and doesnt deserve to be a back up with his statistics the last 2-3 years.

  • M


    7 days ago

    Is Cam's father still pimping him out over his churches, like he was in college?

  • Great Wheat State

    Great Wheat State

    7 days ago

    Who cares cam sucks

  • lulbaby_16


    7 days ago

    this the new espn 😌

  • Magic Mike

    Magic Mike

    7 days ago

    Mark my words Cam will join Ron Rivera in Washington.

  • Troy Dube'

    Troy Dube'

    7 days ago

    The stupid font and noisy fashion sense aside, always find myself rooting for Cam. I genuinely hope he finds a good fit somewhere.

  • d.Balbas


    7 days ago

    Stop Dancing Fool

  • purfickt


    7 days ago

    Cam sucks

  • J Edgar

    J Edgar

    7 days ago

    LeBron 2.0 except Cam was talking about how he got cut instead of taking his talents to south beach

  • robin devily

    robin devily

    7 days ago

    It’s not that can can’t read the mike it’s that he didn’t have to it’s just another thing to think about

  • Jeff S

    Jeff S

    7 days ago

    Dude is head case. Can’t stand him.

  • Tkirby101


    7 days ago

    Should honestly go back to Carolina. No way Sam Darnold is going to be better.

  • 1Lifeonearth


    7 days ago

    whats a liz frank injury?

  • 1Lifeonearth


    7 days ago

    bruh i dont even know what a 'mic' is

  • dave S

    dave S

    7 days ago

    "High production on everything he does" ???? Except on game day

  • Charles Craig

    Charles Craig

    7 days ago

    No one was identifying the Mike before Peyton.

  • Jacob Ball

    Jacob Ball

    7 days ago

    I watched the entire video. Cam was very respectful to New England. His dad was definitely pissed off but I don't blame him as a father. Cam played it correctly. And the Pats have said nothing but great things about him. Nothing he's done gave him a bad reputation. I want to see Cam succeed. Come play for my Giants... Please

    • South Holland

      South Holland

      6 days ago

      Especially after watching today’s game

  • Jonah Kuske

    Jonah Kuske

    7 days ago

    Mac's girlfriend was teaching Cam the playbook?

  • Douglas Walendzik

    Douglas Walendzik

    7 days ago

    It's because you ain't that good bro

  • John Williams

    John Williams

    7 days ago

    The ravens should help cam out and make him lamars backup

  • Joshua Ford

    Joshua Ford

    7 days ago

    This is a legitimate question. When people saying owe he will find a place or even next year. I love cam bit it seems more likely to me that with his age and injuries he's done. Therevwill be a new class of quarterbacks in the draft next year. With all the teams that have quarter backs now. Isn't it more likely unless some one gets injured he's done. When everyone says owe he might not be there this year bit next. Are people just being nice or is there a legitimate path to being a starter again. This is for anyone who reads it and I'm not at all being disrespectful to Cam I am just trying to figure it out. With 2 sister a wife and 3 daughters I don't get a lot of football talk in. Lol

  • lvbluestreak


    7 days ago

    Blind-Sided is the word for all of us

  • Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith

    7 days ago

    We know which accounts are the boys burners now

  • Aaron Thomas

    Aaron Thomas

    7 days ago

    Cam blows

  • Apone Eye

    Apone Eye

    7 days ago

    More concerned with his own brand than the team. This doesn't work well in football.

  • Vanilla Gorilla

    Vanilla Gorilla

    7 days ago

    I wouldn't be mad if he landed in Detroit...js..

  • NO BS

    NO BS

    7 days ago

    He had the acting part figured out. Victimhood is his next step. kaepernic, lebron, etc.

  • Byron Mims

    Byron Mims

    7 days ago

    It's just another *repulsive* reason why *NOT* to watch the National *FRAUD* League. For 20 years running, we've witnessed *ref-assistance* for a certain QB (beginning January 19, 2002 in Snow Bowl 2), whose former team's name was invoked in response to an adverse societal event (of dubious origin - see Zogby Poll) and real football fans, fans whose viewership spans better than 50 years - fans of the *"immaculate reception/Steel Curtain* (Steelers) of the 70s, fans of *Montana's Drive/Clark's Catch* (49ers) in the 80s and fans of *The 'Boys O-Line Sweep for Emmitt* (Dallas Cowboys) of the 90s----those fans have suffered. The game used to be chronicled by *those* events and others (like *Elway's Drive"* ).
    Now, there are merely arguments about whether there was *ref-assistance* and/or cheating regarding the geriatric QB as well as in favor of another QB against Cam Newton in the Super Bowl. Thus, for all intents and purposes, the game has been completely *RUINED,* and everyone of a certain age knows this. Just ask them!
    And many, quite simply, are fans, no more.
    Is it any wonder why *SO* many alternative leagues keep popping up?
    Travesties like the *"WHITE-BALLING"* and/or washing out of the likes of SB winner Doug Williams, Aaron (Broke Archie Manning's TD record in N.O.) Brooks, Super Bowl starting QB Colin Kaepernick and a host of others---& now the mouthpieces at Faux and BSPN for the National *FRAUD* League add Super Bowl starter/Pro Bowler/MVP/Current TD rush TD-leading Cam Newton to that list - going from QB1 to out of the league, *ENTIRELY,* in favor of the town drunk who happens to be a rookie?!?!?! Really?!?!?!?
    Nevermind that Cam had a higher Completion % than Tannehill (& Matt Stafford) and Cam would be absolutely devastating with his dual threat capabilities in the Tennessee Titans backfield w/Travis Henry!
    Meanwhile, we marvel at flat out bums, ner'do wells and outright stiffs like Sam "Seeing Ghosts" Darnold, Carson Wentz "the bed," Fitz"tragic," & Kirk "We *DON'T* Like that!" Cousins and Andy "Red Pea Shooter" Dalton in possession of starter Jobs, lol!!!!
    It's totally crazy to realize that Cam, essentially, isn't being given a chance to recover from surgery (as Teddy Bridgewater was dumped after surgery, as well) AND CVD ---when Alex Smith, Peyton Manning and other's were given ample time to recover! it's just another reason for those caring about *meritocracy,* fairness as well as *non-ray-shall bias* to tune out!

  • Evan Blythe

    Evan Blythe

    7 days ago

    Cam Newton sucks as a person. Great talent but absolute nut case. He also shouldn't have tried to dub Mac Jones "Mac n Cheese"...clearly trying to undermine his confidence. It would be like calling cam "Collard Green Newton". Not very cash money of the hat boi.

  • CMichaelLyle


    7 days ago

    Cam to New Orleans makes sense. Winston is garbage

  • Eats 4 Cheaps

    Eats 4 Cheaps

    7 days ago

    He was like, "I really want to wear this hat but I also love the way my hair looks...."

  • Shelby Johnson

    Shelby Johnson

    7 days ago

    This was a damn good clip. Connor sounded mad professional and giving really good analysis, keep up the great work y 'all.

  • Ivan Viktor

    Ivan Viktor

    7 days ago

    Hanging dong

  • Katoomba Lumley

    Katoomba Lumley

    7 days ago

    Bengals take him to mentor Joey b on how to dance in the pocket

  • Troubled eNVy

    Troubled eNVy

    7 days ago

    He came out and was like bro did you see me last year I'm not good

  • Sam Wooten

    Sam Wooten

    7 days ago

    Cam going to Texans?

  • Gerardo Reyes2

    Gerardo Reyes2

    7 days ago

    He can go to Miami or Houston

  • Alexander Hayward

    Alexander Hayward

    7 days ago

    "Obviously it was not true."
    How? How the hell do you come off saying that? It very well could be. I don't know and you guys don't either.

  • JRake32


    7 days ago

    Cam Newton is nasty toxic. He had one good year. That good year was based on his athletic ability not his football IQ or skill as a quarterback. That works in college but it doesn't work in the NFL and catches up with you very quickly. Jackson, Watson and soon, Mahomes are learning this.

  • Tom Miller

    Tom Miller

    7 days ago

    Why does cam have antlers

  • Dom Skii

    Dom Skii

    7 days ago

    Whenever Pat is gone the show seems to be more professional and serious! A breath of fresh air , AJ Hawk needs to host more!

  • the george

    the george

    7 days ago

    Pats need someone who is gonna live in the playbook. Cam isn’t that. Mac is.

  • the george

    the george

    7 days ago

    If I can id the mike in madden.. an nfl qb can do it 😂

  • James Orbit

    James Orbit

    7 days ago

    It's sad when something's over Cam.

  • They Scared Of My Demeanor

    They Scared Of My Demeanor

    7 days ago

    He wouldn’t of flourish in that traditional pocket passing offense noway.

  • Joe Boid

    Joe Boid

    7 days ago

    Anyone ever notice how none of those books have ever moved behind AJ

  • Jim Dalton

    Jim Dalton

    7 days ago

    Yeah…the Pats will spill all - crying laugh emoji here

  • Matt Edwards

    Matt Edwards

    7 days ago

    He blames his Aura I blame Mac Jones

  • Jared Barker

    Jared Barker

    7 days ago

    I’d have cut him over that ridiculous sense of so called STYLE

  • Nex Mortuus

    Nex Mortuus

    7 days ago

    If cam ok with being a back qb he should go to the Vikings cause we activated Nate Stanley and that needs to change

  • S A

    S A

    7 days ago

    Does AJ still drive with both feet?

  • Thomas Rodriguez

    Thomas Rodriguez

    7 days ago

    Cam going to the Texans… if Watson doesn’t play?? 🤔

  • Jason clews

    Jason clews

    7 days ago

    its all the ridiculous clothes and dancing about like he's doing a tiktok vid everytime he throws the ball thats wound bellicheck up

  • Charles C

    Charles C

    7 days ago

    4 star general? Hahahahaha!