Carolina Debuts AWESOME Virtual Reality Panther & We Need More Of It | Pat McAfee Reacts

Published on Sep 13, 2021
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This augmented panther video is awesome. Sorry we only had it in 480p

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  • Nate Sherrill

    Nate Sherrill

    Day ago

    We were at the game and they showed it pregame on the big screens. It was epic and loooooud!

  • Lord Beerus

    Lord Beerus

    Day ago

    After that week 1 Jets game. I think the Carolina defense combines to form the 3D Panther like Power Rangers.

  • Rockin Rollin

    Rockin Rollin

    Day ago

    Pat is like someone saying wwe is real , the NFL is fake .

  • Mike Schmidt

    Mike Schmidt

    2 days ago

    No better than the corny Fox graphics each week on Sundays during the season. It is mind blowing in no way.

  • LazyRiver Simmons

    LazyRiver Simmons

    2 days ago

    Personal foul, taunting. The penalty will be tacked on to the opening kickoff.



    2 days ago

    Ravens did one as well pretty sweet....

  • Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd

    2 days ago

    Ravens and Texans have cool augmented reality vids too.

  • Kilo Knight

    Kilo Knight

    2 days ago

    They gotta do something to distract the fans from failure and disappointment

  • Paul Mutzel

    Paul Mutzel

    2 days ago

    I can only recommend people watching the opening ceremony of League of Legends World Championship in South Korea (I think it was 2018) where they did the same in a huge stadium but with a dragon instead of a panther ;)

  • Patrick


    3 days ago

    0:54 It was played on the scoreboard before the game started as well

  • Travis Guy

    Travis Guy

    3 days ago


  • Alex Cascais

    Alex Cascais

    3 days ago

    Baltimore Ravens did this a few years ago with the mascot Poe

  • David Sullivan

    David Sullivan

    3 days ago

    Everyone at the game saw it. It was on the big screen!

  • Joseph Goldberg

    Joseph Goldberg

    3 days ago

    The Panthers’ social media team is GOATed

  • SKULLS619


    3 days ago

    They have been doing that for years know. Check all past ESPORTS intro for League OF LEGENDS. Amazing technology

  • Bobby Helsel

    Bobby Helsel

    3 days ago

    The Falcons have a really cool one too w the big steel sculpture Falcon out in front of MBS

  • guardian ofall

    guardian ofall

    3 days ago

    Thanks for mentioning the Panthers!! 💪🏻 We have the BEST social media team, hands down. No comparison at all

  • THEREAL JoshuaCaleb

    THEREAL JoshuaCaleb

    3 days ago

    Meanwhile: The Bengals currently can only practice outside.

  • Elite Clinical Research

    Elite Clinical Research

    3 days ago

    I would rather a franchise qb than a fake panther. Just keeping it real

  • Jayden Presley

    Jayden Presley

    3 days ago

    We got some crazy marketing it’s just that for a multimillion dollar operation we could do better

  • kingjohnthomas


    3 days ago

    Ravens did it last year

  • Supra_Mickey


    3 days ago

    The ravens have a virtual raven they have all the time for games

  • Michael Medina

    Michael Medina

    3 days ago

    Every team should have their own virtual mascot, and have them fight during half time, and the team that is winning wins that half time fight, and then at the end of the game should execute the other teams virtual mascot. So some cool pacific rim/Mecha fight, or like evangelion. They should also appear when people are walking into the stadium to just make people even more hyped up.

  • Rieldans


    3 days ago

    Ravens did this in the last season or two, it was pretty lit

  • James LeMacks

    James LeMacks

    3 days ago

    Thanks for giving the Panthers a shout out. They're working hard to build a respectable and competitive club.

  • James Lufkin

    James Lufkin

    3 days ago

    This was done 4 years ago at the League of Legends World Championship with a giant dragon

  • Israel Stanley

    Israel Stanley

    3 days ago

    I was there, the cat obviously wasn't there but it felt that way. They had those speakers pumping, seats vibrating. I believe that will be what happens at every home game.

  • Christopher Capriani

    Christopher Capriani

    3 days ago

    Imagine the Steelers version of this. Just a Guy in a construction hat putting steel beams on the ground

  • Nikolai Hunt

    Nikolai Hunt

    3 days ago

    Panthers social media is elite

  • littleaoo7


    3 days ago

    league of legends stared this KEKW

  • Gretsch Mayer

    Gretsch Mayer

    3 days ago

    They played it at the game on the big screens.

  • Official YoYoGamingTv

    Official YoYoGamingTv

    3 days ago

    This was actually really badly done... It looks like the rough draft of the animation...

  • Wayne Williams

    Wayne Williams

    3 days ago

    Could you imagine if it was a hologram instead of a video. Have the hologram growl in the ref’s face on a bad call 🤣

  • Fit Tennis 60

    Fit Tennis 60

    4 days ago

    Wow that’s cool 👍

  • Chris Steffen

    Chris Steffen

    4 days ago

    VR is amazing imagine having the googles on 😂

  • Will Baker

    Will Baker

    4 days ago


  • Dawson J

    Dawson J

    4 days ago

    could u see it in person? no that exiting to me unless otherwise

  • Nunyobizz


    4 days ago

    Go Panthers

  • Ryan Davis

    Ryan Davis

    4 days ago


  • Cameron Harvey

    Cameron Harvey

    4 days ago

    yeah the fact that they took the time and effort to make that and put it on twitter shows how seriously they take socials and that’s huge. plus it’s badass and makes the panthers look cool as hell.

  • Alex Bechtle

    Alex Bechtle

    4 days ago

    The ravens did this last year too I believe

  • Robert Whitacre

    Robert Whitacre

    4 days ago

    The Baltimore Ravens have done something similar with a giant Raven flying around.

  • Jalendashaun


    4 days ago


  • Steve Romano

    Steve Romano

    4 days ago

    I am sitting at my desk and it looks like Pat's maybe it's a Mountaineer thang.

  • annette roushkoulp

    annette roushkoulp

    4 days ago

    Bucs is great also!

  • G S

    G S

    4 days ago

    It's a personal foul that's taunting hahahabaababahahaha

  • Illini Armory

    Illini Armory

    4 days ago

    Clean up your desks!

  • Joss Parker

    Joss Parker

    4 days ago

    You're a lame Pat. Your stooges too.

  • Bts054 O54

    Bts054 O54

    4 days ago

    why are people hyped about this.. this is stupid… it’s corny… it’s dumb..

  • Kirby acoustics

    Kirby acoustics

    4 days ago

    Talk about the panthers more love it!

  • Greg McCreary

    Greg McCreary

    4 days ago

    Brooo my Rams need to make a WarRam
    Like it’s eating the turf field and the other teams banner
    Baaaaaaa!!! 🐏🔥🤌🏻😂

  • BMXK1301


    4 days ago

    So if you were in the stadium u couldn’t see it

  • jbcreate


    4 days ago

    does no one understand that you can use your phone to see AR things? like did we forget pokemon go is a thing?

  • rjl42985


    4 days ago

    Ravens did this a year old.
    Old news

  • LionsFan82


    4 days ago

    I mean this how MC/DC gets his Lion right?

  • tj brennan

    tj brennan

    4 days ago

    It was on the screen live in the stadium also

  • AdventInnocence


    4 days ago

    I'm all for more Panthers coverage, even if it takes weird ass AR graphics.



    4 days ago

    It was beautiful. Seen it in person.

  • Sean Lathrop

    Sean Lathrop

    4 days ago

    "Hopefully the other teams in the AFC South, Chargers, Panthers and Saints, pick their game up." XD

  • Patrick Nilan

    Patrick Nilan

    4 days ago

    “We’re running this in 480p right here” hahaha

  • Dalton Pearce

    Dalton Pearce

    4 days ago

    Hands down panthers have the best social media team

  • Moe Focker

    Moe Focker

    4 days ago

    I thought it was super cheesy 🤷

  • Kyle Mundy

    Kyle Mundy

    4 days ago

    People watching on DAZN saw it. Didn't pat used to work for them?

  • Josiah Smith

    Josiah Smith

    4 days ago

    They also play it in the stadium

  • NRG


    4 days ago

    Steelers more impressive

  • Adam Berendt

    Adam Berendt

    4 days ago

    The Packers need a virtual packer working filling up a box. That would be awesome.

  • pnk rckr

    pnk rckr

    4 days ago

    Take your vitamins before this game

  • MrNiceGuy


    4 days ago

    I was at the game. It was pretty dope. But the Panthers have the lamest fans I have ever seen in football. They don't make any noise. They had to blast music most of the time because the loudest thing in there were Jets chants. And a lot of people didn't even stay for the end of the game.

  • Vijay Varghese

    Vijay Varghese

    4 days ago

    Whoever made this has never seen a real cat move before

  • MarshmallowMidgets


    4 days ago

    “That’s sir purr”
    “You call him dat?”

    • Ronnie Shenk

      Ronnie Shenk

      4 days ago

      Nah that's a bear

  • Cody Pippin

    Cody Pippin

    5 days ago

    Dude has a foot high stack of paper on his desk

  • zombielover317able


    5 days ago

    Honestly this type of technology has been around for 10 to 20 years now and it would be easier putting on a computer and social media than it would be television I don't see what the big deal is and it doesn't even look that good we believe we're watching real events take place when we watch television shows and movies this look like a horrible blocked headed it wasn't sure video problems it looks like crap in the video anyway stay safe boys.

  • mike wallace

    mike wallace

    5 days ago

    I just wanna say it is actually a video that created this technology which is league of legends in one of there big tournaments they had a dragon come down and fly around the stadium and yes you could see it in person

  • Chris Kistler

    Chris Kistler

    5 days ago

    What if the Steelers did this, except it's a giant pierogi? XD

  • Akkbar


    5 days ago

    Heh Pat clearly knows about as much about CGI as my Dad.

  • rukus


    5 days ago

    Panther's social media team were sent from the future. They've been on top for a while.

  • VoltXxShot2


    5 days ago


  • Tyler M

    Tyler M

    5 days ago

    I was there and it was so crazy that panther ran right over my head

  • Pratesh Ramjohn

    Pratesh Ramjohn

    5 days ago

    Ravens one is the best I've seen so far.

  • Pharaoh


    5 days ago

    Esports and especially league of legends has been doing this for the past couple of years

  • Itscamrod


    5 days ago

    I love that s/a shout awt, and also works in giving the share alike license credit too

  • Nick


    5 days ago

    No one knows about blue beam? wowww...

  • J the Great Full

    J the Great Full

    5 days ago


  • DynamicKilljoy


    5 days ago

    I mean the LOL world finals has had this with a dragon for at least 3 years.

    • Small Fries

      Small Fries

      4 days ago

      Yeah but league sucks ass



    5 days ago

    I always wished NFL teams did more with their nicknames. Im glad my team did something this cool.. Hopefully this sparks more creativity

  • JaquanRusselTV


    5 days ago

    ravens did that last year too with a big raven flying around the stadium

  • Drunkwizard


    5 days ago

    It was real, not some digital graphic

  • 1Lifeonearth


    5 days ago

    thats not virtual reality if its just played on a screen wtf

  • Luke Hall

    Luke Hall

    5 days ago

    It was on the Jumbotron at the game so the fans saw it

  • James Ruppert

    James Ruppert

    5 days ago

    I mean I honestly found it kinda lame lol but I'm lame too

  • Rondale Johnson

    Rondale Johnson

    5 days ago


  • Sibusiso Magagula

    Sibusiso Magagula

    5 days ago

    Love Pat

  • Ya Boy Blue

    Ya Boy Blue

    5 days ago

    League of Legends did it at worlds 3 years ago. WITH A DRAGON!!!!!!

  • Peter Sedesse

    Peter Sedesse

    5 days ago

    I misunderstood what this was. If this was only done for a video on twitter, it would actually be very cheap to do.... maybe a few thousand dollars if that. I had assumed there was something actually done for the fans at the stadium, similar to how they did the drone thing in China. But just using video feed from stadum cameras and superimposing an IK animated panther, would take a talented person maybe a week or two.

  • Dillon Phillips

    Dillon Phillips

    5 days ago

    I was at the game it was on the Megatron right before the game started the panther also showed uo 2 more times and its always on top of the live feed of the stadium

  • Alonzo Lopez

    Alonzo Lopez

    5 days ago

    Could the people in the audience see it?

  • Brian Anders

    Brian Anders

    5 days ago

    Feels like they missed the chance of virtual "superman cam" taking a bong hit and "dabbing". GTFO

  • renegonzalez1991


    5 days ago

    Bad teams do stuff like that

  • iandoodle


    5 days ago

    Im loving the effort tepper is putting into my panthers, its goofy but i love this kind of interactive stuff. If there is an animation for at least every home game it will be worth every penny.