Pat McAfee RIPS Dan Orlovsky For His Top 5 NFL Offenses List | Pat McAfee Reacts

Published on Sep 9, 2021
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Dan Orlovsky is probably our best friend that is an ESPN shill.

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The Pat McAfee Show
  • Stevie D

    Stevie D

    14 hours ago

    Hahaha the fuckin dart throw

  • West Coast

    West Coast

    Day ago

    How about the Seahawks and Russell Wilson ?

  • jdowling5


    Day ago

    Whats this guy doin runnin out the backside out of bounds... again.

  • Matthew Lewis

    Matthew Lewis

    2 days ago

    So far the exclusion of the Packers is holding true.

  • Andrew Scheuffele

    Andrew Scheuffele

    2 days ago

    Dan looks pretty smart after the Packers came out and just laid an egg 🥚🍳

  • Steffen Gardner

    Steffen Gardner

    3 days ago

    chewing gum on camera = trash

  • Christian McMahon

    Christian McMahon

    3 days ago

    If you actually listen to Dan (I know list of you didn’t) while I disagree his reasoning makes sense

  • Robert Christensen

    Robert Christensen

    3 days ago


  • Josh Pandola

    Josh Pandola

    3 days ago

    This really aged well, Rodgers played like the douchebag he his!

  • Adrian Moore

    Adrian Moore

    3 days ago

    Wow, Tampa gonna route the cowboys? Tampa Bay should have lost that game. Not including Dallas on that list shows how much orlavsky knows about football!

  • Shane Hafner

    Shane Hafner

    3 days ago

    SEA > NE

  • Noah Silon

    Noah Silon

    3 days ago

    This hasnt aged well.
    Pat: Why isnt the Packers in the top 5?
    Packers lose 38-3

  • Jory Lafountain

    Jory Lafountain

    3 days ago

    Well Dan looks like he was right for the most part in week 1 anyways.

  • Salty Mr. Potato Head

    Salty Mr. Potato Head

    3 days ago

    Its funny how Orlovsky talks like he knows his stuff, but what he says never ages well, his hot takes are running out of the back of the endzone just like him

  • Devon Taylor

    Devon Taylor

    3 days ago

    No Rams?

  • thedarkemissary


    4 days ago

    Why do people keep asking this guy his opinion? Is it because he's random, rich and white? I don't get it. Is he the son of somebody famous? What is this?

  • downs4anything


    4 days ago

    Dan was right for the most part 😳

  • Fictitious Code

    Fictitious Code

    4 days ago

    Dan Orlovsky Is one of the closest, I know something, but know LITERALLY NOTHING. In the NFL, than has EVER happened before. Ya'll keep saying he knows what he talks about, but for his entire career, he literally DOESN'T. Then you show it in your clips. I get the point. Let's Do what all of you have done, and get rid of the idiot cause he is wrong nearly %80 of the time, which isn't near %50 Then he changes directions. To be fair, I remember him playing. Yeah, I wouldn't listen to him if it was raining and I was getting poured on. He's been almost completely wrong on ALL of your videos I've watched with him, and when he was right, it was barely %25 right on what he said and he ran with it. Dan isn't a good QB, he's not a good commentator, he's a LOW LEVEL heel in WWE, just to bring on to get 3 people mad, and nobody remember and move on.

  • d 2

    d 2

    4 days ago

    This didnt age well lol

  • Happy Wrenching

    Happy Wrenching

    4 days ago

    Lol. Dan Orlovsky was never on a good offense. How would he know what a good one is.

  • Chase


    4 days ago

    After week 1 Dan is basically spot on

  • Brandon Bishop

    Brandon Bishop

    4 days ago

    Cowboys Cardinals and Niners offense are far better than the Patriots offense

  • DarrenBootay


    4 days ago

    How is Mac Jones gonna be great if he isn’t gonna asked to do too much ?? Patriots ain’t no way even top 5 get outta here

  • Dehyak


    4 days ago

    This aged pretty good lol

  • N8DOG_27


    4 days ago

    Well… it looks like he might have been at least somewhat correct about the Packers 👀

  • QWare


    4 days ago

    No Arizona? Hmmmm

  • Jake Difiore

    Jake Difiore

    5 days ago

    This guys a bone head

  • Zachary Spurlin

    Zachary Spurlin

    5 days ago

    Dan is such a tool

  • No Lives Matter

    No Lives Matter

    5 days ago

    NE offense sure looked better than GB yesterday. Against arguably a tougher/better coached Defense.

  • RyTrapp0


    5 days ago

    His criteria literally fits the Cowboys offense like a glove - the Cowboys offense who was #1 in the NFL last season while Dak was healthy, and #2 the season before. But, of course, Dan Orlovsky severely underrates them. Because of "qUesTiOns aBoUT DaK" I'm sure.

  • Brady Barnett

    Brady Barnett

    5 days ago

    Who else is watching after Packers put up 3

  • IMightBeBiased


    5 days ago

    As long as we're holding Orlovsky's feet to the fire on this one, let's just keep a running tally of how incorrect/correct this prediction is.
    Week 1:
    Total Yards: 1/5 teams in the top 5. (Browns)
    Passing Yards: 2/5 teams in the top 5. (Tampa/Chiefs)
    Rushing Yards: 1/5 teams in the top 5. (Browns)
    Points: 1/5 teams in the top 5. (Browns are tied with the Lions for 5th.)
    (I'll update this after the MNF game if things change.)

  • Keith Christen

    Keith Christen

    5 days ago

    Green Bay really looked great offensively

  • BB Aws

    BB Aws

    5 days ago

    sleep deprived pat XD

  • Fred Bagley

    Fred Bagley

    5 days ago

    How did Rodgers do Pat?

  • Reggie Noble

    Reggie Noble

    5 days ago

    Isn't Dan Orlovski the quarterback that ran 10 yards outside his own end zone and thought he was in bounds? Why is he such an expert now?

  • geoffhumboldt


    5 days ago

    Monday morning this looks a little better leaving off the packers

  • James Yeck

    James Yeck

    5 days ago

    Nothing sadder than a man over 16 who wears his hat backwards! What a dumb ass!

  • Fier The Great

    Fier The Great

    5 days ago

    Dan always will be Dan smh lol!! All of these teams slight deficiencies that contradicts the “criteria” he is trying to spew to formulate his list!! So you have to weigh more heavily into one aspect more than it being an equal distribution!!
    Proven O-line? Chiefs just overhauled they O-line, 1st year playing together! Haven’t proved anything yet!
    Proven Scheme? Bucs scheme isn’t proven, they have Brady and a loaded offense!
    Weapons? Patriots don’t have that if we are comparing to other NFL teams! Just decent talent!
    QB? Baker is not a top 5 or even 10 QB in the league (and I like Baker)!
    He just talked about not putting Seattle in because it’s a 1st year Coordinator (not the head coach)... not putting Green Bay because of the O-line situation! But yet when you look at NE for example, is Bill Belichick is the head coach to compensate for a unproven rookie QB and just decent weapons!!
    Which makes this more of a projection more than “Proven”!

  • Nick James

    Nick James

    5 days ago

    Pack sure didn't look like no top 5 offense yesterday 😂😂

  • Paid Tourist

    Paid Tourist

    5 days ago

    Pat says that Aaron Rogers not being on the list makes no sense. Fast forward 3 days and Aaron Rogers lead his team to a whopping 3 points 😂

    • Nolan Rice

      Nolan Rice

      4 days ago

      Exactly 😂😂😂😂 Dan looks like a genius rn

  • Mferg03


    5 days ago

    Aged like milk for the Packers

  • Zachary Spurlin

    Zachary Spurlin

    5 days ago

    Dan is a worse analyst than he was a QB.

  • Michael Booker

    Michael Booker

    5 days ago

    How in the world is Dan Orlovaski getting paid to spew this hot garbage, someone please take his microphone and press credentials for the love of god that man is horrible at his job

  • Lord Blanheim

    Lord Blanheim

    5 days ago

    In hindsight Dan was completely right about the Packers, they only scored 3 pts this weekend

    • Lord Blanheim

      Lord Blanheim

      3 days ago

      Notice I said the Packers, I wasn't talking about Bills, Browns or Patriots.

    • thedarkemissary


      4 days ago

      And the Bills, Browns and Patriots all lost too, struggling to score. So.... about as right as a coin toss.

  • Brice johansen

    Brice johansen

    5 days ago

    Watching this on Monday after watching the Packers play is just hilarious

  • Russell Snead

    Russell Snead

    5 days ago

    Dan was right about something

  • Eric Heckman

    Eric Heckman

    5 days ago

    I love that he rocks a backwards hat as a dad because, I also rock a backwards hat as a dad how fuckin cool are we Dane

  • Extreme World Racing League

    Extreme World Racing League

    5 days ago

    Seeing all these comments after the Aaron Rodgers benching is absolutely GOLD

  • Dwayne Carter

    Dwayne Carter

    5 days ago

    So we’re going to ignore that the saints have had a great scheme for the past 3 years?? But we’re not gonna list them??

  • Drip Skylark

    Drip Skylark

    5 days ago

    Turns out Dane was right lmfao

  • Germs oh

    Germs oh

    5 days ago

    After yesterday I think Dan was right on the freaking dot.

    • thedarkemissary


      4 days ago

      Except, Bills, Browns and Patriots all were struggling on offense. And Seahawks dominated. He needs a bigger dot.

  • Taino Ramirez

    Taino Ramirez

    5 days ago

    He wasn’t wrong about Green Bay 😂

  • William Freitas

    William Freitas

    5 days ago

    Well Pat, now after the first game Dan appears to be correct. Packers offense flat out was awful.

  • Taylor Nelson

    Taylor Nelson

    5 days ago

    Well, the Packers review seemed to have been accurate 😂

  • Randy Wood

    Randy Wood

    5 days ago

    And in week 1, the packers scored 3 pts

  • Onur Goral

    Onur Goral

    5 days ago

    Seems like Orschlowsky was right about the O-line of Green Bay

  • Erik Andrade

    Erik Andrade

    6 days ago

    I can't stand Dan Orlovsky, he is the number one reason why I can't watch ESPN anymore. They put him on more and more shows and I just don't get it. Go co-host local radio sports channels, but lets not get on live tv and be like he is an expert. I saw Matt Leinert the other day on college Game Day. I rather have him, Brady Quinn or March Sanchez even. They didn't have much NFL careers, but much better than Dan Orlovsky.

  • dudedurham


    6 days ago

    Welp... this didn’t age well. What’d the Pack score? DID they score?

  • Michael S. Burton III

    Michael S. Burton III

    6 days ago

    McAfee brings Dan on just to make an ass of himself and he falls into the trap every time

  • Mad Man

    Mad Man

    6 days ago

    Best offense: should be Chiefs, buccs, Packers, cowboys, Browns(run game is dangerous)

  • Wgk Sleezy

    Wgk Sleezy

    6 days ago

    i think after week one packers on not one list 😭🤣

  • Thomas Dumont

    Thomas Dumont

    6 days ago

    Where is the Dallas Cowboys in his ranking? Dallas is a top 5 offense.

  • chet karwat

    chet karwat

    6 days ago

    So glad the patriots lost to the dolphins 🐬 and macaroni lost to he doesn't deserve any credit yet so shut up already everyone he's no even in the top 15 of QBs

  • Andrew Wolf

    Andrew Wolf

    6 days ago

    He said Patriots?

  • Small Ben7

    Small Ben7

    6 days ago

    Aaron ain't doing too hot

  • Dr. Swims

    Dr. Swims

    6 days ago

    This will age like milk (already kind of has if week 1 is indication)

  • Brandon Fourman

    Brandon Fourman

    6 days ago

    Well he wasn’t wrong about Green Bay. Oh my god!

  • Raviraj Rege

    Raviraj Rege

    6 days ago

    Rip the Packers offense

  • corbyn edwards

    corbyn edwards

    6 days ago

    Ooooof Aaron did not have the greatest week 1 i think I've ever seen 😐😐😐

  • Terence Kenney

    Terence Kenney

    6 days ago

    Guess Orlovskaya wasn’t smoking as much crack as people were thinking, the Packers looked like a bottom 5 offense today 😂

  • Kyle Corrigan

    Kyle Corrigan

    6 days ago


  • Tyler Prince

    Tyler Prince

    6 days ago

    I mean I love Rogers but after watching week one against the saints lol so far Dan is right but obviously the Packers offense will get going soon

  • 6 days ago

    He was right god dammit

  • muRiboflavin


    6 days ago

    Pat going to eat some crow Monday morning? Packers fell on their face

  • Tristan Swartz

    Tristan Swartz

    6 days ago

    This isn't aging so well so far.

  • Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia

    6 days ago

    i bet pat feels dumb now

  • JohnnyBlackRants


    6 days ago

    Pats was obviously idiotic but leaving the Packers off sure doesn't look so bad after week 1. Also Dallas really should be on it, even tho that's super on brand for ESPN, they certainly projected top 5 before the season, and turns out those projections were right.

  • mbdbdbf


    6 days ago

    Dude’s a clown…hang up the phone

  • Scott Free

    Scott Free

    6 days ago

    Dan was 100% right about the Packers lol

  • jonnycrowbro the mountain lion slayer

    jonnycrowbro the mountain lion slayer

    6 days ago

    You know I think dan was on to something, because wtf are the packers DOINGGGG

  • Lil Jay

    Lil Jay

    6 days ago

    Aaron Rodgers top 5 offense

  • B. Shaffer

    B. Shaffer

    6 days ago

    Dan is the Ariel of the NFL 👎

  • Tommy Brame

    Tommy Brame

    6 days ago

    Never trusted anything Dan has ever said



    6 days ago

    Yeah, he should have had GB in the top 5. He said 3 new guys starting on GBs OL. Good point but apparently he did not watch Newman play in preseason. Appreciate he reasoned his choices. I disagree.

  • edward richard

    edward richard

    6 days ago

    Don’t sleep on the 9ers offense people

  • Shawn Romero

    Shawn Romero

    6 days ago

    Did he say proven offensive line and then immediately say Kansas City Chiefs? Are they gonna be good? More than likely. But they have literally 5 new starters. And he talks about the Packers having 3 new starters?

  • Brady Collins

    Brady Collins

    6 days ago

    Honestly Pat drooling over Rodgers every single day is getting old… making the show repetitive.

  • YouTube Fags

    YouTube Fags

    6 days ago

    This dudes awareness was 35 in Madden...

  • Hitstick 01

    Hitstick 01

    6 days ago

    The browns are not a great offense. Pats are laughable. Nothing been proven

  • David Harris

    David Harris

    6 days ago

    How you don't have the 49ers in it... the whole time he talking about proven but have the pats in the list with a rookie qb???? FOS... Cleveland has a better offense than the 49ers.... GTFO

  • Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee

    6 days ago

    Lawyer up Dan don't talk to Pat.

  • Tomas the Viking

    Tomas the Viking

    6 days ago

    I wonder if pat has a crush on Aaron

  • HI808


    7 days ago

    “I look at football completely different than 99%”
    So Greenbay has
    - Aaron Jones, Davante adams, A Rodgers
    - Damian Harris, Nelson Agholor, Mac Jones
    Ok Dan 👏

  • Duncan Hightower

    Duncan Hightower

    7 days ago

    I want a girl to love me in the over used form of pat calling another man a deadly weapon.

  • mendopolis


    7 days ago

    I turn off ESPN the second Dan Orlovsky appears. The only reason I bothered watching this video is that it’s on Pat’s channel.

  • Brian Haifley

    Brian Haifley

    7 days ago

    God I hate Dan Orlovsky

  • Anthony Pena

    Anthony Pena

    7 days ago

    Ima put the Titans in it instead of Patriots because of Hunter Henry's early season injury so they cnt run their 2 TE look tht they spent so much money on this offseason by signing Hunter Henry from LAC and Jonnu Smith from TEN, so yea with the Titans their gna be rough to gameplan for because they can dominate either side of offense, they can run it down ur throat all day long with Derrick "King" Henry, or Air it out with Tannehill and AJ Brown oh AND Julio Jones, plus their other pieces, so yea if their offensive line can play well their gna be a potentially really good offense, which their gna need cuz their defense ain't too great, tho picking up Bud Dupree from PIT was huge and LB Demico Autry from INDY so well see

  • Perfecto Valdez Jr

    Perfecto Valdez Jr

    7 days ago

    How da f*ck does Dan still have a Job

  • Derek Patten

    Derek Patten

    7 days ago

    Pat. Please school this stooge