Pat McAfee's Thoughts On The Monday Night Manning Football Broadcast

Published on Sep 14, 2021
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Monday Night Manning was pretty much everything we wanted it to be. Anyone that watched that broadcast learned something new

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.

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The Pat McAfee Show
  • Dave Barnes Sr.

    Dave Barnes Sr.

    16 hours ago

    I watched and did not care for this format, too much bullshitting with the game silent, I had to switch it, thought it sucked!

  • Jacob Bell

    Jacob Bell

    17 hours ago

    I already knew I knew nothing about football. All we did in high school was gap assignments

  • Christian Perez

    Christian Perez

    18 hours ago

    I for one, couldn’t stand it. Hope it doesn’t catch on.

  • blucy10


    20 hours ago

    I honestly want them to add Cooper. I think he gets into Peyton’s head.

  • Hurricane


    20 hours ago

    As a lifelong Stillers fan, Ray Lewis was the ultimate Arch-Nemesis and I couldn't stand him.
    As a lifelong football fan, Ray Lewis is one of THE greatest to ever play the game.
    He and Peyton could probably spend a solid year just talking about the games they played against each other, and I'd watch every minute of it.

  • Mark Froman

    Mark Froman

    22 hours ago

    Tony Romo started this really.

  • Robert Lake

    Robert Lake

    23 hours ago

    Thank god we all have a mediocre kicker to give us his opinion on football.

  • I'm your Huckleberry

    I'm your Huckleberry

    23 hours ago

    6:33 "most people would agree with me"
    2 guys behind him shaking their heads no! Hahaha 🤣🤣

  • Vader's Brigade

    Vader's Brigade

    Day ago

    I think an NFL Commissioner Manning would be a great shift for the future of the NFL, just me

  • Phil Magroin

    Phil Magroin

    Day ago

    To me if Peyton coaches a team or is a offensive coordinator they will be unstoppable

  • Erin Coughlin

    Erin Coughlin

    Day ago

    I don’t think Pat has enough stuff on his desk.

  • JTR


    Day ago

    I hope this will be a regular broadcast, I loved it! BTW I had no idea Eli was so funny.

  • Leonel Jasso

    Leonel Jasso

    Day ago

    How did Pat McAfee Got a Nickelodeon's Guts' Trophy?

  • Michael smith

    Michael smith

    Day ago

    Whats crazy is Peyton and Russell were 1 inch from calling the game winning play. Nuts

  • Karl Siroen

    Karl Siroen

    Day ago

    yea i loved Manning Monday. SO GOOD

  • Michael M.

    Michael M.

    Day ago

    Dude was not wrong about Russell Wilson. I'm a Hawks fan and generally don't watch RW's press conferences because... robot.
    But the MNF bit... spot on! Was great seeing Russell and Peyton dissect the game along the way. I felt a little bad for Eli - he seemed to be third-wheeling there, but he got in some valid jabs at the guys on TV as well, so it all came out well.

  • Kerry Todd

    Kerry Todd

    Day ago

    Lost respect for both Manning’s after this……Must be all about the money. The idea was good, the channel sucks…..I haven’t turned the channel to ESPN in years.

  • LeezyDoesIt19


    2 days ago

    Woooooooow….Urban just got there?
    Didn’t he do the exact same thing 1st time round as an NFL coach? Daaaayum. 😕

  • rajesh bista

    rajesh bista

    2 days ago

    The Mannings are double handedly going to save ESPN. Loved their show will tune in every Monday.

  • J.J. Perez

    J.J. Perez

    2 days ago

    Eli was absolute gold

  • JJ Hammer

    JJ Hammer

    2 days ago

    Mannings sucked I just want to see the game

  • Anthony Lotito

    Anthony Lotito

    2 days ago

    Pat 100% correct. Thanks bro.

  • Kyler Lambertgini

    Kyler Lambertgini

    2 days ago

    Pat correcting his OMAHA is fuckin gold

  • timothy grell

    timothy grell

    2 days ago

    Have not watched MNF in years looks like I will be this Monday.

  • Retirement Savings Over 50

    Retirement Savings Over 50

    2 days ago

    This needs to be the future of sports broadcasting

  • Sue


    2 days ago

    I absolutely loved watching the Peyton and Eli show. It was great. Look forward to watching it again and again. Very informative and funny.

  • chg hfd

    chg hfd

    2 days ago

    6 and 11....After that, I knew I was in for a good time.

  • RussMan


    2 days ago

    Waaaaaaaay better than ESPN 1 broadcast. Must see NFL TV viewing...

  • Sheev Palpetine

    Sheev Palpetine

    2 days ago

    I was at lucas oil for the first game love pats speach

  • Isaac Cervantes

    Isaac Cervantes

    2 days ago

    I hope this happens All year !!

  • Louie


    2 days ago

    Couldn't have said it any better, I loved the Mannings MNF. I'm sold as only watching them do it for now on

  • GreenBean44 GreenBean44

    GreenBean44 GreenBean44

    2 days ago

    "Most people would agree with me", everyone else behind him shaking their head NOPE.

  • Chan Chan

    Chan Chan

    2 days ago

    6:32 haha the two guys in the back.

  • Steven Montoya

    Steven Montoya

    2 days ago

    Someone called it the manning night football and it was funny af 😂

  • ReCreative


    2 days ago

    Also all the technical fuckups were hilarious
    I can't believe the fire alarm went off

  • Peyton Long

    Peyton Long

    2 days ago

    Peyton Manning is just naturally funny🤣🤣🤣

  • Peter Muniz

    Peter Muniz

    2 days ago

    Ty by far has the most talent behind Pat on this show. The rest of the group is appreciated but Ty and Pat CARRY the experience!

  • D ALM

    D ALM

    3 days ago

    Tony Romo has been doing this for years

  • Jackson Stubbs

    Jackson Stubbs

    3 days ago

    People that hated the manning bros commentating are ones that are haters or aren't actually fans. If you don't wanna listen to Peyton break down football, you're not a fan. Dude is a literal genius.

  • Kristopher Kees

    Kristopher Kees

    3 days ago

    100% classic off the rip

  • Jonathan Brown

    Jonathan Brown

    3 days ago

    Why is this not on television they'd have to bleep some stuff but this is quality content

  • Jo Ho

    Jo Ho

    3 days ago

    Damn i should have caught it but oh well

  • Keion Bias

    Keion Bias

    3 days ago

    Peyton Manning was always like the Kobe Bryant of the NFL. One of the most underrated greats.

  • Beastmode543


    3 days ago

    Peyton needs to come back to Indy and be the Colts HC

  • Jeff Y

    Jeff Y

    3 days ago

    When the Mannings were goofing... meh. When they were talking football...outstanding.

  • J Clifton

    J Clifton

    3 days ago

    They shouldn't have players like Russell Wilson on the show because he plays the raiders in the same division he said they're watching the game he's learning s*** that's that's stupid but everything else was cool

  • Brian J

    Brian J

    3 days ago

    The Revolution has begun. This broadcast will change how we watch football from now on.

  • Brian Anders

    Brian Anders

    3 days ago

    Russell crushed MNF with the Manning's and crushed the Colts the day before. Suck it!

  • Jess Butler

    Jess Butler

    3 days ago

    Use to like pat and the show but it's gone down hill fast.

  • Jacob Weinzapfel

    Jacob Weinzapfel

    3 days ago

    I love the Pat loves Peyton as much as me.

  • MattL14 _

    MattL14 _

    3 days ago

    They need to get rid of commercials and let them talk during the breaks

  • Matt Blank

    Matt Blank

    3 days ago

    And Eli still looks like a constipated moron. Otherwise it was amazing.

  • Dennis Nichols

    Dennis Nichols

    3 days ago

    Lol I absolutely do NOT think Peyton needs to "watch film" on anyone or anything at this point.

  • Awesome Dylan

    Awesome Dylan

    3 days ago

    “Peyton’s helmet full of quarters, or 10,000$?”

  • Tanber Zaman

    Tanber Zaman

    3 days ago


  • David Manning

    David Manning

    3 days ago

    Hope this is a permanent thing as an alternate broadcast every week. When they are ribbing and joking is entertaining, them breaking down the game as happens is great, and the guest insights and side stories is a bonus. Hopefully the guests are more on the football side with an occasional guest celeb/other sport athlete as a change of pace.
    The side stories of Peyton catching flashbacks against Reed and Lewis as a Ravens fan was my fav. Ray saying he stepped his game film studying up cuz of Peyton is the ultimate sign of respect. When Brady retires him being a guest is gonna be incredible just from football iq/experience between the 3 let alone some of the stories. To be a sound guy on set to hear the side stories and things at commercial break is the ultimate perk.

  • Tommy Montgomery

    Tommy Montgomery

    3 days ago

    Agree 👍 told all the homies to watch this next week

  • Jason Buerkle

    Jason Buerkle

    3 days ago

    Next up is tuesday tom in 50 years

  • John McDavid

    John McDavid

    3 days ago

    U think Payton will become a offensive coordinator or qb coach

  • John McDavid

    John McDavid

    3 days ago

    Definitely better than the broadcast

  • Zak and Marcus

    Zak and Marcus

    3 days ago

    I didn’t even know they were on but definitely on for week 2 wit Brady🔥

  • Dylan Austin

    Dylan Austin

    3 days ago

    I wanna see Brady on there with the Manning's!

  • Mike Patrick

    Mike Patrick

    3 days ago

    Peyton Manning should be in a front office or ownership roll.

  • Jon Novak

    Jon Novak

    3 days ago

    ESPN definitely smart for doing this! If its every week

  • Jeff Thomas

    Jeff Thomas

    3 days ago

    Espn been tryin to get Peyton since before he retired

  • Zach McLean

    Zach McLean

    3 days ago

    The show refuses to say anything bad about any player? How was the guy not right on Russell Wilson. Dude is as buttoned up as it gets. Would never be his real self in front of the media.

    • Zach McLean

      Zach McLean

      Day ago

      @Kyle Chapman yeah man. It’s me and everyone else with the warped perception. Couldn’t possibly be you

    • Kyle Chapman

      Kyle Chapman

      Day ago

      You and everyone has a warped perception. He only does that in post game interviews. He has been on other shows and been like this Monday night show. He also has a podcast. I recommend the one with guest randy moss.

  • Jammy c

    Jammy c

    3 days ago

    I learned the game of football and it was pretty awesome. lol

  • K


    3 days ago

    Ty's right about Russell Wilson

  • riskybiscutz


    3 days ago

    Peytons the John madden-smart one who breaks it dahn for know-nothing stooges like me. Eli’s the funny one to keep the know-nothing stooges like me entertained. I almost pissed myself when he asked Ray Lewis which he thought was more, 10 grand cash, or one of Peytons helmets filled with quarters.

  • Ian Donaghue

    Ian Donaghue

    3 days ago

    The Colts play on Monday night week 5. Pat absolutely needs to be one of the guests for that broadcast. Do the right thing, ESPN.

  • Southwest


    3 days ago

    After Eli listens to his brother for a season, he’ll be ready to play again. Ha

    • kayah alexander

      kayah alexander

      5 hours ago

      He'd better go a team other than the Giants, god awful lol!

  • the_real_brettK


    3 days ago

    Peyton Manning is football. Football is Peyton Manning. Enjoy it.

  • Cee Bee

    Cee Bee

    3 days ago

    you'd think these cerebral nfl players could be great offensive coordinators?

  • J the Great Full

    J the Great Full

    3 days ago

    Happy belated birthday mama MacAfee!

  • Austyn Koranda

    Austyn Koranda

    3 days ago

    The manning broadcast just changed live sports and I love it. I'm not sure I could watch it live if my team was playing just because there is so much happening in production such as ray Lewis stories and russell wisson telling us what plays r about to be called. I would however record the manning cast and watch it the next day if denver was the team playing.

  • Mitch Gaar

    Mitch Gaar

    3 days ago

    HappybBirthday Mom Mcafee from a Indy Resident for 40 years, from Arizona!

  • fuckyoshit6842


    3 days ago

    Pats a hater bro.

  • Justin Coleman

    Justin Coleman

    3 days ago

    Pat turning authoritarian...."No we don't talk about this on my show". That is the growing trend in America helping destroy society. No more Alternative opinions allowed. Only collectivism.

  • Josh Carroll

    Josh Carroll

    3 days ago

    100% Ty. I'm a Hawks fan, but I loved seeing Russell be a human instead of a 12th man cyborg.

  • obsidian17


    3 days ago

    IF ESPN has more than 3 brain cells left in their water filled heads, they will give Payton a blank check on this and let him do his thing! Also, bring in Archie every now and again to smack ‘em over the head when they start getting out of hand! 🤣

    • Clint Granger

      Clint Granger

      19 hours ago

      I like that idea. Solid gold

  • Tj Bullis

    Tj Bullis

    3 days ago

    Targets is a good way to let a fan know about a players involvement in a game. Waller had 19 targets vs ruggs who had 5. Waller was much more involved in the game.
    P.S. derrick carr was soo bad

  • matthew johnson

    matthew johnson

    3 days ago

    Watching Peyton get so frustrated with receivers not sitting down over the middle on a cross pattern while the defense was in zone was great. I've always thought the QB just missed, now I know the receiver HAS to realize it's zone and to just sit down in the coverage.



    3 days ago

    Are we gonna look passed Russell Wilson called Eli and Peyton , the sheriff and easy e dawg I never heard no one call Eli easy e 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Professor Wiesy

    Professor Wiesy

    3 days ago

    Eli's performance is so underrated
    They broadcast wouldn't be nearly as good without him

    • tke 241

      tke 241

      23 hours ago

      Totally agree. And he calls the "you never hard count on the goal line" and then Jones hard counts and his guy jumps offside and then they need Gano again.

    • Angelus GNZ

      Angelus GNZ

      2 days ago

      Eli was definitely more a jokester than peyton . and peyton is a JOKER, so that’s saying a lot

  • Taylor Gipson

    Taylor Gipson

    3 days ago

    Peyton x Romo. Get that mouth breather Eli out of there.

  • David C

    David C

    3 days ago

    Eli busting Derek Carr's balls for hard counting at the goal line was great.

  • Ray Finkle

    Ray Finkle

    3 days ago

    Peyton is the next John Madden. A brain that is in a different Galaxy with a personality to match. Stoked we will get Peyton for the next 30 years.

  • I don't care anymore

    I don't care anymore

    3 days ago

    I loved underdog Archie Manning as a kid.
    Couldn't stand either Peyton or Eli.still can't.

  • eric hammer

    eric hammer

    3 days ago

    Peyton is gonna become the Jim Ross of the NFL.

  • p. body

    p. body

    3 days ago

    I hope to all that is holy that this is a regular thing. Loved it as much if not more than when Red Zone first started and I was addicted to fantasy. Pat, get on as a guest.

  • Isaac Martinez

    Isaac Martinez

    3 days ago

    Targets are mainly for fantasy

  • Hristo Hristov

    Hristo Hristov

    3 days ago

    @The Pat McAfee Show do you guys think that the mic issues and the fire alarm Eli had gong off was Payton's prank?

  • Beschützer


    3 days ago

    Yeah those 3 for ESPN just never know when to shut up sometimes. They committed a cardinal sin of football broadcasting: talking over the refs

  • LaKobe Ball

    LaKobe Ball

    3 days ago

    Russ has a future in broadcasting

  • Scotty M.

    Scotty M.

    3 days ago

    Urban Meyer is, and always has been, a douche canoe. That is all.



    3 days ago

    1 day 🦷 might tell the story When Peyton came into 8 Seconds ( a country music club ) on Hip Hop Night about 16 years ago... 👑18 🏈 SHERIFF

  • Axe2Grind


    3 days ago

    Says a lot about what they think of the MNF crew lol.

  • Sean Sanner

    Sean Sanner

    3 days ago

    Pat is such a tool, he honestly acts like he know everything and his word is law.. he’s not funny neither.. fake it till you make it..

  • MrPaiute


    3 days ago

    Ty is right with Russell in his outward appearances where every action seems so sanitized and calculated in public relations

    • André F

      André F

      21 hour ago

      Ty doesn’t follow Russ closely enough and let’s be honest. Russ doesn’t give the media anything just like Peyton, Eli, and Brady doesn’t. Why Russ gets more judged for being “calculated” I’ll never understand

    • Kyle Chapman

      Kyle Chapman

      Day ago

      You and everyone has a warped perception. He only does that in post game interviews. He has been on other shows and been like this Monday night show. He also has a podcast. I recommend the one with guest randy moss.

    • heylo lp

      heylo lp

      2 days ago

      Russell is just doing what the situation is calling for, ever since we aren't going to the Superbowl anymore everyone forgets that the Hawks even exist because the NFC West is the closest division in all of the NFL and the 49ers and Rams just get way more attention than us He is buying into the underdog mentality trying to lead his team and show that any chance he gets because these chances are limited, just look at this off season, if he doesn't go full on PR machine for one second the entirety of Football media fabricated drama around Russ being traded even though he literally just did what every other star QB does trying to make his organisation fix the issues he sees

  • ohbell


    3 days ago

    God and Jesus are the only way, truth, and life :)