Rumors Say Urban Meyer Could Be Returning To College Football?! | Pat McAfee Reacts

Published on Sep 14, 2021
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Didn't take long for the rumors of Urban Meyer jumping ship in Jacksonville to pop up as soon as the USC coaching job opened up

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  • Arch Tempered

    Arch Tempered

    2 hours ago




    7 hours ago


  • Silly Boy

    Silly Boy

    12 hours ago

    Lombardis an idiot tho

  • Ben Oto

    Ben Oto

    12 hours ago

    That would be such a dick move.. but if they can get somebody good.. that would be great.

  • Definitely Not a cop. like 100% sure

    Definitely Not a cop. like 100% sure

    Day ago

    nothing to do with coaches. just need to pay for talent and boom playoff bound. unless youre the browns then its just whatever.

  • Kyle DaNiell

    Kyle DaNiell

    Day ago

    Same as nick Saban!! Just can't cut it in the nfl!!

  • batcountry


    Day ago

    3:08 just enough vitamins

  • Roberto Romero

    Roberto Romero

    Day ago

    Byron Leftwich to Jacksonville

  • Andrew Grove

    Andrew Grove

    Day ago

    so he will pull a Bobby petrino

  • Jason Boness

    Jason Boness

    Day ago

    Time for a heart condition...

  • Eric Carvelli

    Eric Carvelli

    Day ago

    Petrino, Saban, Spurrier, and Meyer never never belonged in the NFL...

  • Bob The Breaker

    Bob The Breaker

    Day ago

    Urban Meyer: the guy that quits his football coaching job because of a “heart issue” and shortly after take a football analyst job and then goes back to a football coaching job

  • David Krumme

    David Krumme

    Day ago

    Nfl players don’t wanna be yelled at. Most don’t care about titles like the fans do.

  • Widjai van Dam

    Widjai van Dam

    Day ago

    Seems he’s looking to do a Jimmy Johnson impersonation, like with the Cowboys. Don’t think he can pull that off in today’s NFL. More scrutiny, less patience.

  • Hunter Anfinsen

    Hunter Anfinsen

    Day ago

    AJ has beautiful eyes

  • Asa Cloutier

    Asa Cloutier

    Day ago

    Going back to college ball is like coaching high school and then demoting yourself back to 4th grade teams. I love how people argue that this would be a sane move for a sane person. He's clutching that NFL job cause it's the last bit of relevancy he has.

  • Christopher Hamer

    Christopher Hamer

    Day ago

    It's been 1 game folks

  • Howard Craig IV

    Howard Craig IV

    Day ago

    Nick S did roll out during the season as dolphins coach.

  • Chris Leonard

    Chris Leonard

    2 days ago

    Urban just wanted to flex his power

  • Petty Wap

    Petty Wap

    2 days ago

    as a usc fan i would be sooo pumped if he came her immediately,but i would think he went out like a weasel 🤣

  • denroy3


    2 days ago

    Thought Prime was headed to FSU?

  • denroy3


    2 days ago

    Why would USC want Meyer, Mr. Itchy feet? They fired Helton because they didn't want him to recover for another mediocre "successful" season.

  • Anthony Wheatley

    Anthony Wheatley

    2 days ago

    This dude can't hang a whole season

  • Awesome Dylan

    Awesome Dylan

    2 days ago

    Urban Meyer... James Robinson exists🤐
    Coaches like urban make me wonder what Belichick or Reid would be like in college FB.

  • Morgan Spector

    Morgan Spector

    2 days ago

    Another college coach fails in the pros. In other news, water is wet

  • Todd Taylor

    Todd Taylor

    2 days ago

    Wouldn't shock me ... some college coaches ( the very successful with the egos that go with that success ) just never get used to being a HC in a situation where the players are more powerful than the HC.

  • High Desert Community Wanker

    High Desert Community Wanker

    2 days ago


  • Joshua Crumley

    Joshua Crumley

    2 days ago

    Being a Canes fan, this is sad news for me. I was honestly hoping he would flop in the NFL, leave after this year, and us pick him up. Oh well. Guess we're doomed to mediocrity for a while longer.

  • Cee Truth

    Cee Truth

    2 days ago

    Nobody on the jags likes Meyer! Fire his ass!

  • Daniel Estrada

    Daniel Estrada

    2 days ago

    So idk much about urban but reading some comments. Why would any student want to play for someone like that? Is because he's historically successful in college programs? Because college players dont get to choose there teams as much as pro free agents? Because I mean if he does quit the Jags job and goes back to college. Cant the kids just refuse to play for him and maybe he'll realize he lacks leadership?

  • A J

    A J

    2 days ago

    Imo, it’s his first time coaching in the nfl. There’s gonna be some rough games and it’s a learning curve for him. That’s what you get when you hire a college coach to be a nfl coach. It’s only week 1. They were the worst team last year. Let them figure stuff out. If it’s week 12 and they are 2-10 then yeah you might need to re evaluate coaches, schemes and players but after week 1? 😂 that’s not realistic. They weren’t going to be a playoff team. Give them time to figure it out. Texans had to figure stuff out with how their organization was going and they came out proving mostly everyone wrong. It’s also not like Lawrence played absolutely horrible. His ints were 100% his fault but he also played good too. I’m a buccs fan and I told New Orleans fans Winston is a great qb. Although since 15 they have been bashing him. Now that they got him they are saying it’s Sean Peyton who is the reason he’s the qb we saw in week 1. Yeah I also believe that. But remember who Winston had when he was with us at head coach. Coaching matters. Would also like to point out that with Bruce Arians and Winston in their first year together aside from the 33/30, Winston threw for 5k. That was their first year. Had Brady not been available jameis would still be a bucc! Anyway. Give Meyer time to figure it out. Jags are rebuilding. Panic mid season or beyond when there is no improvement.

  • Will Rouse

    Will Rouse

    2 days ago

    So this all came from one guy guessing?

  • Gooch Fitness

    Gooch Fitness

    3 days ago

    Already woooooooow. Urban Meyer is wack for this

  • Mainland Boy

    Mainland Boy

    3 days ago

    Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, and Pete Carroll are the 🐐of College & NFL Coaches!

  • Simpsbruh


    3 days ago

    lasted 1 week and is looking for the next job lol

  • projectNERV


    3 days ago

    Urban will go to USC

  • Dee Casta

    Dee Casta

    3 days ago

    Nick Saban all over again

  • Eskew Roberts

    Eskew Roberts

    3 days ago

    as a falcon fan, I must say, no fanbase deserve to be Petrinoed ... except the patriots maybe

  • Brandon Lucero

    Brandon Lucero

    3 days ago

    Funny so many in main stream says hes great.
    Those who are down to earth know better .

  • Justin Thomas

    Justin Thomas

    3 days ago

    Imagine being a 4-5 star recruit (or the parent of one) interested in going to USC & Urban Meyer bails on Jacksonville after 1-2 weeks to go back to college & coach that team — sorry, I’m not committing to USC & playing for somebody who quit on their team after 1 week.

  • Patrick


    3 days ago

    Why are you (and your staff) so excited to see Urban Meyer fail at Jacksonville???. That's kind of weird and a little disturbing.

  • Budster70


    3 days ago

    Adam Gase to usc

  • Joe D

    Joe D

    3 days ago

    Laughs in Florida Gator 😆

  • Bryce Cartwright

    Bryce Cartwright

    3 days ago

    Hmm. Meyer to USC
    Jim Harbaugh to Jacksonville.

  • supa dupa

    supa dupa

    3 days ago

    Pat is totally the bros bro and bruhs bruh.



    3 days ago

    Petrino left after ten games. Saban left after his second year. This was after saban emphatically said he wasn’t going to be the coach of Alabama.



      3 days ago

      Also saban left lsu after emphatically saying he wasn’t going to the nfl.

  • Kawe'a Akuna

    Kawe'a Akuna

    3 days ago

    He's coaching "PAID MEN" that dictatorship mentality got shut down real quick in the locker room! 5 Star ***** talent got him his accolades not his coaching😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kawe'a Akuna

    Kawe'a Akuna

    3 days ago

    Thank you Jesus! Take your Head & Shoulders rep with you😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Tebow can be the altar oops... I mean waterboy for $1M a year❤ or TE Coach? hahahahahaha...

  • North Dallas Forty

    North Dallas Forty

    3 days ago

    Meyer has as much a chance of coaching USC as OJ Simpson

  • North Dallas Forty

    North Dallas Forty

    3 days ago

    John McKay coaching Tampa Bay 2

  • Michael McMichaelson

    Michael McMichaelson

    3 days ago

    Urban’s decisions have made no sense from the jump. Why would you spend a first round pick on a RB when you have a 2nd year undrafted back coming off an incredible season? Your O line is terrible, and you realistically need help all over the field. Then etienne goes down and you give 32 year old Carlos Hyde more attempts than James Robinson in the first game, makes absolutely no sense. James robinson getting only 5 carries in an entire game should be a fire-able offense. Terrible team management, play calling, and everything else. Jags fans will be lucky to get this guy out as soon as possible

  • diypictures


    3 days ago

    Deon Sanders won't leave Jackson St. anytime soon btw. He has a plan to try and build the HBCU market.

  • Kenji Kanagawa

    Kenji Kanagawa

    3 days ago

    AJ really went from cereal box to milk carton...

  • Check N2 Cash

    Check N2 Cash

    3 days ago

    College football is better when USC and other blue-bloods are relevant. I hope this falls through.

  • Zap Rowsdower

    Zap Rowsdower

    3 days ago

    Lombardi is a moron. Always has been. Meyer may leave eventually. He will probably suck. But Lombardi should not be talking. Cleveland hired this idiot and even among all the bad cleveland hires this one garnered the largest universal and immediate groan from that entire fanbase.

  • Kong Yang

    Kong Yang

    3 days ago

    Breaking news: Trevor Lawerence has entered the transfer portal.

  • Matthew Kyle

    Matthew Kyle

    3 days ago

    He has to fake a heart attack first. Give it a full season or two

  • Jam J.H

    Jam J.H

    3 days ago

    As a ducks and colts fan I want urban in Duvall

  • Angel Matos

    Angel Matos

    3 days ago

    Big difference between Urban managing boys that have to listen to him vs leading men that choose to follow you.

  • Angel Matos

    Angel Matos

    3 days ago

    He's already trying out USC t-shirts.

  • Sean Collins

    Sean Collins

    3 days ago

    talking to 19 20 year old kids is not the same as talking to a 100 million 💰💰💰💰✌🏾 32-year-old man it never will be Urban the job will never change

  • Mike S

    Mike S

    3 days ago

    As a USC fan I'm fucked.

  • Jose Matamoros

    Jose Matamoros

    3 days ago

    Urban Meyer needs to be banned period.

  • bcastromusic


    3 days ago

    Lombardi.. USC got blown out by Stanford at home in a game they were favored by -16.5. I knew he was gone. He underachieved even in games they won. Nothing more to it.

  • Kevin Hertzog

    Kevin Hertzog

    3 days ago

    meyer says hes not leaving jacksonville....of course saban said sort of the same thing in miami,didnt he ?

  • N M

    N M

    3 days ago

    He’s the same as Nick Saban. Good when in college with young men who are totally under your control (scholarships) and willing to do anything to get some playing time for pro scouts. Not so good when coaching grown professionals in a pro league in which talent is relatively even across all teams.

  • Alexander Hobbs

    Alexander Hobbs

    3 days ago

    Coach at UNLV please

  • Lugnut Larry

    Lugnut Larry

    3 days ago

    Is he actually going to quit a job without making up some mysterious medical issue?

  • The V.I.P.

    The V.I.P.

    3 days ago

    This team went 1-15 before Meyer… idk why media so brutal no one was walking into Jacksonville and winning games

  • Casey


    3 days ago

    Urban has never won a championship with a full class of players he brought on

  • Gerald Fank

    Gerald Fank

    3 days ago

    Urban's made a good living punking kids coming out of high school. He can't hang with the Real Men Playing Real Football. Bye Meyer don't let the door hit ya!!

  • Renlys Other Lover

    Renlys Other Lover

    3 days ago

    One stupid nfl game with a bad team and you guys are pretending like he is the worst coach of all time….you all need to get a life

  • Heath Normand

    Heath Normand

    3 days ago

    I would not be surprised. Meyer can not control grown men who get paid like he can with kids in college.

  • Phillip Wombacher

    Phillip Wombacher

    3 days ago

    I’ve heard Nebraska



    3 days ago

    CHRIS PETERSEN is going to be the next USC Head Coach.

  • Gregory Briner

    Gregory Briner

    3 days ago

    Meyer is just like Saban. Looks like a great coach when he has better talent, but he can’t dog pro players like college kids. They won’t put up with the primadonna BS. Pretty soon he’ll be bent over on the sideline so we all know he is ‘suffering’ and he can justify quitting again

  • Ray Finkle

    Ray Finkle

    3 days ago

    😂😂😂 Urban is going to be a bust HC. Shame for Trevor, but I am happy cause Urban is a typical Asshole HC.

  • notta cracka

    notta cracka

    3 days ago

    People want him out after 1 game? Prisoners of the moment

  • zach coggins

    zach coggins

    3 days ago

    This would be worse than Petrino

  • Aaron Farley

    Aaron Farley

    3 days ago

    If this is true then Urban hasn’t taken long to sook it up when you can’t just go and recruit whoever you want??? He’s in the big boy football now!!!!

  • Terrence Gibbons33

    Terrence Gibbons33

    3 days ago

    Fuk the jab

  • dillygod p

    dillygod p

    3 days ago


  • Kizlay


    3 days ago

    Jags fans: Urban thanks for the memories!

  • Sam Wooten

    Sam Wooten

    3 days ago

    Urban is a piece of "Washington rain water"

  • John Hoover

    John Hoover

    3 days ago

    This is one big dumb take. Does anyone REALLY THINK Urban would quit the NFL after ONE GAME??

  • Devon Schlesing

    Devon Schlesing

    3 days ago

    It doesn't help that he picked Darell Bevell as his OC. That's setting yourself up for failure off the bat

  • MayhemxBarracuda


    3 days ago

    He’s coached 1 NFL game and everyone suddenly decides he is a bad NFL coach lmao, give him a year and then have this conversation, it may have the same outcome, but the idea of a coach leaving after 1 game seems completely unreal. Do I think he will end up back as a college coach, totally, but no need for all this after 1 game.

  • FriedChicken


    3 days ago

    Every time there is a rumor about Meyer leaving , it is usually true

  • Randy Savage

    Randy Savage

    3 days ago

    Urban meyer: Best thief in the football world

  • Jason Kelly

    Jason Kelly

    3 days ago

    Petrino was a scumbag!!! I think it is the perfect situation for Coach Meyer. He’s been able to go to a down powerhouse, but has good talent, and win the conference for a couple of years, until the league catches up with him, and then he retires.
    Deion is going to go to FSU if he’s going to go anywhere.

  • Kevin Phillips

    Kevin Phillips

    3 days ago

    I don’t know that Urban would leave right now. But I do think USC would hold out till the end of the NFL season for Meyer. I guess we’ll see.

    • CM Perkins

      CM Perkins

      3 days ago

      USC is desperate. They been trying to rebuild like 10 years. They are losing arms race to UCLA right now. It’s time to pull the trigger. Urban can get a college team elite on 2 years

  • Christopher Snowden

    Christopher Snowden

    3 days ago

    Sources say Meyer “might” love going back to college…. Oh so you don’t actually know anything.

  • Patrick Snyder

    Patrick Snyder

    3 days ago

    Just what they need A CHEAT!! Much like the rest of the athletic department!

  • Micky Bender

    Micky Bender

    4 days ago

    You have to love how Pat is sneak dissing Urban Myer everytime he gets the chance to, after they lil' beef two years ago.

  • Brendan Forster

    Brendan Forster

    4 days ago

    Petrino left in the middle of the night like a pos

  • GameisLife


    4 days ago

    Hey Urban, run the football, use the option, put players in motion. This offense looks like a log. We have James Robinson and Carlos Hyde, wear that defensive line out then throw the football.

  • Chris Rochholz

    Chris Rochholz

    4 days ago

    Did Pete Carroll come up once?

  • Vincent Bergman

    Vincent Bergman

    4 days ago

    Urban is gonna get “sick” again

  • Joseph Flanigan

    Joseph Flanigan

    4 days ago

    I mean I thought the Texans were going 0-17 and the Texans blew the Jags out…