The Whole World Was Introduced To Matthew Stafford Last Night | Pat McAfee Reacts

Published on Sep 13, 2021
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Matthew Stafford has been a hidden gem in Detroit for a long time. Now that he is in in LA, we are pumped that people get to experience him.

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  • Anthony Ruiz

    Anthony Ruiz

    14 hours ago

    Dude didn't do anything amazing. Why does every suck his nuts. Receivers were wide open and people act like Stafford was hitting tight windows and difficult throws. Gtfoh

  • Luis Avila

    Luis Avila

    15 hours ago

    Every single lions fan is rocking the blue and gold for Matt. Actually everyone who roots for an NFC north team is so happy for Matt.

  • Patrick D

    Patrick D

    15 hours ago

    0:05 Troy who

  • cookman2k


    20 hours ago

    We here in Michigan want Matt Stafford to get a Superbowl ring. We know .....

  • Caleb M

    Caleb M

    Day ago

    I'm a Stafford fan but let's be honest here. The bears gave them 2 free touchdowns. People act like Stafford went out there and made 20 tight window throws. Half of his completions any qb in the league would have made. He made a couple Stafford like plays but it wasn't a top tier performance for a qb , nor did it have to be.

  • Joseph Brother bear

    Joseph Brother bear

    Day ago

    Imagine if jay cutler went to a team with an offensive line. Cutler wasn’t Brady or Manning but he had a cannon for an arm but never had an o line.

  • Lora Geiger

    Lora Geiger

    Day ago

    Imagine if Akers was healthy. Kupp, Woods, Higbee, Henderson, the D they have and the vet O Line is a bit different then the Lions team he was on. Goff went to the super bowl on this Rams team, Jared Goff. Think about that..

  • Mason Blackburn

    Mason Blackburn

    Day ago

    I still can’t believe Matt Stafford is off of the lions. I can’t wait to see what he can do

  • Daniel Dougan

    Daniel Dougan

    Day ago

    I feel for Jared Goff being sent into purgatory like that in Detroit. Goff is a pretty good quarterback as well. He took the Rams to the Super Bowl. Is Stafford that much better?

  • WhoAmIWill


    Day ago

    I thought most people knew Stafford was the only good part of the Lions?

  • Lewis Kemp

    Lewis Kemp

    2 days ago

    Im so happy for Matthew . He couldnt show his talent till now. Making the Bulldogs look good.

  • Rockin Rollin

    Rockin Rollin

    2 days ago

    Who cares about your crap game pat .

  • Jaryd Jackson

    Jaryd Jackson

    2 days ago

    Never been so happy for someone that wasn’t a Patriot... good for him! Seriously, early Matt Stafford for MVP pick here. Too early, but this guy deserves it, I think he’s gonna ball out this year.

  • Biden The Idiot

    Biden The Idiot

    2 days ago

    yeah no ones gives a fk about left tackle 🤣🤣🤣

  • Æon Mike

    Æon Mike

    2 days ago

    So many careers wasted in Detroit.

  • MichaelDemented


    2 days ago

    Aren’t the lions cursed by Bobby Layne?

  • ljvue


    2 days ago

    Pulamaloo? 😂

  • CupOfJoeguy


    2 days ago

    I've been saying for years that Stafford is one of the best QB's in the league. Poor guy was stuck in that landfill called Detroit.

  • Kid Gur

    Kid Gur

    2 days ago

    Mathew Stafford will always be my qb 🥲

  • Pun1Sh3r_360


    3 days ago

    Matthew Stafford is gonna tear up this league that's right McAfee Jalen Ramsey was definitely yelling after the bomb cause he knows they got a guy I love how Jim Nantz was like "Matthew Stafford! With the bomb! He has the great arm, we know that!" ROTFLMFAO

  • Cal McDonald, P.I.

    Cal McDonald, P.I.

    3 days ago

    Can people please stop with the obscene Matt Stafford worship. The man has been in the NFL like 15 years already and has done absolutely nothing- except being Captain of one of the worst franchises in modern sports. Joe Flacco is better.
    Everytime I see or read a media personality pray to the new Religion of Stafford- I instantly lose respect for them and can no longer take them seriously. And why does everybody think the Rams have any chance of knocking off the Seahawks, who have won the division like 9 out of the last 10 years of something ridiculous. Stop smoking the cheeba and get with reality, please.

  • DjDaDDyD 503

    DjDaDDyD 503

    3 days ago

    Stafford is the kind of guy that will do whatever it takes to win a game, he will forever be my QB

  • Truett Johnson

    Truett Johnson

    3 days ago

    He got one of our Gator's to throw to Van Jefferson !

  • J Alex

    J Alex

    3 days ago

    We will see when they play the bucs after a few games into the season

  • Justin Aug9

    Justin Aug9

    3 days ago

    Rookie season against the Cleveland Browns, with Stafford mic'd up, will tell you everything you need to know about Stafford as a competitor. So happy to see him survive Detroit and get to enjoy the game again. Go Matthew!!!

  • lrh12345


    3 days ago

    So glad my favorite football talkshow had the same opinion ab stafford as me. Im making my gf buy me his jersey for Christmas😂horns up😂😂

  • LitTech


    3 days ago


  • Juan Magana

    Juan Magana

    3 days ago

    Justin fields tho🔥 bear dahn

  • John Israel

    John Israel

    3 days ago

    He's never won a Playoff game

  • William Hurren

    William Hurren

    3 days ago

    Lots of talent has been wasted up here. This is from a lions fan.

  • Cordele Georgia

    Cordele Georgia

    3 days ago

    Rams right up there with the best with stafford

  • Igor's Locks

    Igor's Locks

    3 days ago

    Been saying for months Rams will win it this year. QB play in NFL comes down to this: when that pass rush starts getting home, most qbs start looking down instead of downfield. Few have enough balls to stand tall. Stafford is one qb who has cojones. To win big games vs big time teams you need to make some plays in face of adversity.

  • Honeybee


    3 days ago

    I picked Stafford in the last round of my fantasy and I have a feeling he will put up top five QB stats all year.

  • Roger Arndt

    Roger Arndt

    3 days ago

    Detroit can’t even be mad. Just be happy the guy we knew held us together is finally getting his shot

  • RyMicTheKing


    3 days ago

    Also, the statement that the Lions absolutely sucked the whole time Stafford was there is just false. A lot of times, they had a record good enough to lead the division in weaker divisions. Nfc north is tough to get out of.

  • RyMicTheKing


    3 days ago

    Goff did have a little Stafford tribute...minus the win.

  • Ben d

    Ben d

    3 days ago

    It’s one game Jesus people

  • TruthSeeker1984


    3 days ago

    It's about damn time people start recognizing that Stafford has an amazing arm and is a warrior. He was in football purgatory for his career until he was traded. 73 games without a 100 yard rusher. 73. That's 4 and a half seasons. And it's not like he had a good run game any other time either.

  • Ross McFarland

    Ross McFarland

    3 days ago

    Preach it Pat!!!! Lions fan here and all I ever did was back #9 up and by the grace of the football gods the Fords finally answered my plea and gave him a chance!! It's soooo frustrating and now people will see it ( other than lions fans)...

  • Josh Hinton

    Josh Hinton

    3 days ago

    Been a UGA fan my entire life. Hated when he left UGA. Hated that he was at Detroit for years because he wasn't able to win, hated we didn't get him at Colts. Been a long time Colts fan and I was really hoping we would get him. However, glad that Stafford finally has the help around him in the players and coaching. Good Luck Stafford!

  • meckjoo


    3 days ago

    Cheering for Stafford but you gotta re-address this week 8 or 9...

  • mtrcyl 1

    mtrcyl 1

    3 days ago

    As a packer fan, knew he was a monster for a long time. His loyalty to Detroit was the only thing saving them from 0 - 16 every year. Kind of a shame how much the franchise controls how great you can be. We packer fans also know how it feels to have a front office piss away hall of fame QBs.

  • Michael G Bono

    Michael G Bono

    3 days ago

    It's so wierd seeing Stafford in a different helmet, but I'm glad to see he is doing well. For all he put up with in Detroit and never complained, he deserves success and nothing less.

  • milt


    3 days ago

    Time to move on to Stafford because Rogers sucked hard against the Saints.

  • Vesica


    3 days ago

    Rams won't make it out the first round.
    Y'all crazy

  • gavin geddes

    gavin geddes

    3 days ago

    As a GB fan, I have watched Stafford twice a year for several years - and he was an Elite QB without a team

  • Derrick Thomas

    Derrick Thomas

    3 days ago

    I just got back from February and my boy Matthew Stafford gets to play in the Super Bowl! I won’t spoil if he wins tho

  • nexigram


    4 days ago

    Yeah I’m not a Lions fan or anything but if Detroit had this guy for 12 years and couldn’t win a single playoff game they are either not trying or are clearly incompetent. Either way is justification to force sale of the team IMO.
    I feel bad for the fans that have never, and will never, see their team win a Super Bowl. Honestly if you are a Lions fan you should consider an organized boycott of attending games. You’re getting taken advantage of.

  • Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson

    4 days ago

    I was at a Lions game at Lambeau couple years ago. Watching Stafford sling in during warmups and in the game, unreal. The guy has a cannon. You really can’t appreciate it unless you see it live.

  • AttilatheThrilla


    4 days ago

    Imagine if Megatron would make a return to play with Stafford in LA…

  • Imre


    4 days ago

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  • Pizzaki


    4 days ago

    if you think the lions stink when stafford was there, just look at there record when he was out, he was the rust holding the metal together.

  • ImperiumFlow


    4 days ago

    As a packers fan, I got to watch Stafford play for his entire career in Detroit, and to say that none of those teams issues were his fault is an understatement. He was basically like a poker player not being dealt any cards and being expected to win.

  • Todd Reacts

    Todd Reacts

    4 days ago

    All this does is make me think about what could have been for Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson.

  • James Owl

    James Owl

    4 days ago

    As a lifetime Lions fan, it really blows me away how the media has jumped all over Stafford lately like he was some unknown gem. If any of them did their research they would’ve know for years now that Stafford is extremely talented.

  • Merk Freeks

    Merk Freeks

    4 days ago

    Everyone who ever was a fan of the Lions already knew Stafford was good, glad my boy is on a contender now, shame we couldnt get one for him ourselves.

  • James Bennett

    James Bennett

    4 days ago

    He’s a stud I had playing him twice he’s only reason lions won idk about 2-3 games now

  • PhonyRider


    4 days ago

    What’s crazy is how many lions fans think Stafford sucks

  • Ethan DeCock

    Ethan DeCock

    4 days ago

    This was straight comedy

  • Athletes University

    Athletes University

    4 days ago

    NFL should be like the Presidential Election and allow every QB to get drafted to a different team every four years
    We would find out if Rodgers Brady Wilson Manning etc would be who they are playing for the Lions Jets Eagles

  • Taylor Barnes

    Taylor Barnes

    4 days ago

    I hope Stafford gets MVP man

  • Axe2Grind


    4 days ago

    All 36 LA Rams fans are super pumped about this Stafford guy they never heard of. Mike Trout is a legend and nobody in LA knows who he is.

  • Pat .O'Connor

    Pat .O'Connor

    4 days ago

    The bears are quite literally one of the worst teams this year lol

  • Joshua Garcia

    Joshua Garcia

    4 days ago

    Stafford for the lions was like Garnett for the wolves, we love those men and are states couldnt help them so go win a title some where else and it's like we won to.

  • Ryan Bradshaw

    Ryan Bradshaw

    4 days ago

    Interesting to see the Stafford love all of a sudden. Everyone always shits on him because they dont know football but now everyone’s in love. Glad to see the respect he’s due but nfl fans are phonies

  • Caleb Solomon

    Caleb Solomon

    4 days ago

    Always been on the Stafford train and I’m a Vikings fan

  • Tim Moore

    Tim Moore

    4 days ago

    I haven’t missed a Lions game in almost a decade. I use my one tv and my Sunday ticket to watch every Lions game. So excited for Stafford and rooting for him to win it all, after the Lions of course!

  • Wild Atheart

    Wild Atheart

    4 days ago

    Saints and rams again in the nfc, but this time they ain't playing chicken noodle drew, let's go saints

  • RobotDowneyJr


    4 days ago

    If Rams go to Super Bowl, can Megatron and Barry Sanders be signed for one game?

  • Logan Bremerman

    Logan Bremerman

    4 days ago

    He smashed his finger into a defenders helmet in practice. Didnt miss a play. Dudes one of the greats

  • Matthew Jarrod

    Matthew Jarrod

    4 days ago

    Staff3rD has always been great. Go ahead, try to change my mind!

  • Kaleb Pacheco

    Kaleb Pacheco

    4 days ago

    Been on the Matt stafford train for a minute

  • Tyler O

    Tyler O

    4 days ago

    Did anyone catch when Al Michaels panned over to Mathew Staffords wife and it was the wrong woman 🤣🤣

  • J. Walker

    J. Walker

    4 days ago

    I didn't know Tom Segura was a Steelers fan... that beard is looking mighty bushy, almost didn't recognize him

  • g k

    g k

    4 days ago

    What is Pat on?

  • A. D. Jenkins

    A. D. Jenkins

    4 days ago

    The colts stink

  • Dalton v

    Dalton v

    4 days ago

    Pat talking about every team but the Colts 🤣

  • Daniel Haugh

    Daniel Haugh

    4 days ago

    I’m a bears fan but watching Matt Stanford have a smile on his face playing made the pain better

  • Nhan Ha

    Nhan Ha

    4 days ago

    Arron Roger alway praise Mathew Stafford. Dude has a great arm.

  • Darius Woods

    Darius Woods

    4 days ago

    Its the arm sleeve.

  • Jon Lohrenz

    Jon Lohrenz

    4 days ago

    More like: the world was introduced to how bad Eddie Jackson is.

  • Stefan Harris

    Stefan Harris

    4 days ago

    Rams are the most overrated team in the NFL.

  • Philip Blacknell

    Philip Blacknell

    4 days ago

    Is pat Italian?

  • stevethekat


    4 days ago

    Stafford had the second worst defense(points let up) minimum 100 starts all time with the lions, he just had the highest passer rating in NFL history for a team start. Let than sink in…

  • Andre Edwards

    Andre Edwards

    4 days ago

    The lions were down by 24 points inside of the two minute warning on sunday. Goff got us back to within a few passes and a two point conversion of tying the game. Lions did lose but you got to give them credit that was arguably one of the sickest comeback attempts of all time,watch the highlights.

  • hunterweinmann


    4 days ago


  • Scott Shomo

    Scott Shomo

    4 days ago

    Stafford had Calvin and a top 5 defense one season should have won 1 playoff game let's stop over rating this guy last year he was a middle of the pack qb to most people now he's top 5 lolol



    4 days ago

    stafford looked like he was having the most fun he's had in a long ass time hope it continues for him cuz he more than deserves it

  • Stephen Spurlock

    Stephen Spurlock

    4 days ago

    My wife realized Sunday Stafford was in LA. She was stunned by saying "REALLY". I told her that he could do good there. He FINALLY has a coaching staff and supporting players that he has never had. Hope the best for him.

  • Oneispi Spike

    Oneispi Spike

    4 days ago

    They seem to be playing Ramsey in the role that Green Bay had Charles Woodson playing!! Everywhere!!
    Stafford is a beast!! Always has been. Wasting away in Detroit!!
    Got excited at thought of Stafford being Bronco!!

  • Kerry Smith

    Kerry Smith

    4 days ago

    Youtube. The greatest game no one watched. Browns v Lions. Stafford with a dislocated shoulder. Watch it for a perspective on all his qualities.

  • Kerry Smith

    Kerry Smith

    4 days ago

    Rams beat the Bears. We've seen Stafford do this before. The NFC North will only beat each other.

  • catalina reed

    catalina reed

    4 days ago

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  • CrazyDogDog


    4 days ago

    he goes off topic so quick 😂

  • BlackCasper392


    4 days ago

    Matt Stafford is like one of the homies who was in a abusive relationship with a chick who was trying to change him. But now he got a way more beautiful chick that loves him, who's rich and loves fast cars n guns n stuff

    • Beast Unleashed88

      Beast Unleashed88

      4 days ago


  • David “qmachine “Anderson

    David “qmachine “Anderson

    4 days ago

    i'm a lions fan for 40years glad to see him playing on a prospect team that can dislay what he did for detroit still and will always be a stafford fan go number 9

  • matt bryant

    matt bryant

    4 days ago

    Stafford was the best player on the field for the lions. I remember early on in his career he got cracked and dislocated his shoulder. Gets it popped back in on the sideline. Next play he’s in he throws a td. Instantly a fan.

  • Austin Henkel

    Austin Henkel

    5 days ago

    Goff really took the curse off Stafford’s shoulder and damn near led a 3 score comeback in the 4th 😂 bro is Stafford 2.0

  • Zeeko T

    Zeeko T

    5 days ago

    There’s actually dumb lions fans that blamed Stafford

  • FinalFirebrand


    5 days ago

    Goff is "A" Guy.
    But Stafford is "THE" Guy.
    Simple maths.